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March 24th - 26th 2015 marks the date of (World Hosting Days) - SerNet will be present as well. We'll be hosting a verinice booth, you're invited to visit us at D12 and dive into the the meet-up of the hosting and internet world at Europa-Park Rust. 

The SerNet team is excited to present and talk about verinice as well as the according topics IT-Security, ISMS, ISO 27001 and BSI Baseline Protection. On Thursday (March 26th) SerNet CEO Dr. Johannes Loxen will give a talk about "There is no security without Open Source" (venue "Circus Celebration"). And again we're eager to recruit v.LEUTE (what actually means.... liaison people)! So, have some nice World Hosting Days and come by to participate in this competition.

Planning on visiting the 2015? You can redeem this code in order to get a free daypass:


Please visit the WHD registry to get your ticket. 

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Security releases for SerNet EnterpriseSAMBA packages

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New EnterpriseSAMBA packages are ready to download. The new versions 4.1.17, 4.0.25 and 3.6.25 deal with a critical remote code execution flaw. The security releases address CVE-2015-0240 (Unexpected code execution in smbd).

Please update affected systems as soon as possible. The packages are available at:

The EnterpriseSAMBA packages are available for SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. To access the packages visit the EnterpriseSAMBA Portal - login with your username and accesskey (not password).

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SerNet at Domain pulse 2015

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On February 26th and 27th 2015 Berlin will be the venue for the <link http: de _blank external-link-new-window domain pulse>Domain pulse 2015  (conference location at <link http: de andels-berlin _blank external-link-new-window hotel veranstaltungslocation>andel's Hotel). The SerNet GmbH will participate at this annual meeting of the domain industry as well.

The Domain pulse is the joint conference of DENIC, and SWITCH. SerNet will host a booth and give information about IT security as well as <link http: _blank external-link-new-window>verinice, SerNets own OpenSource ISMS tool.

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EnterpriseSAMBA 4.0.24 and 4.1.16 available

The SAMBA-Team at SerNet released the EnterpriseSAMBA packages 4.0.24 and 4.1.16. These are security updates which address CVE-2014-8143.

These packages are available for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. To access the packages visit the EnterpriseSAMBA Portal - login with your username and accesskey (not password).

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Call for Papers for sambaXP 2015: SAMBA 4.2, the universe and everything

From May 19. to May 21. 2015 SerNet GmbH and the international <link https: samba team external-link-new-window external link in new>SAMBA team are hosting the <link http: _blank external-link-new-window>SAMBA eXPerience in Goettingen at the Hotel Freizeit In. The conference in its 14th edition is again a meeting place for developers and users from around all the world. The "Call for Papers" as well as the sale of the "Early Bird" tickets starts now.

The "sambaXP" is the world's only conference that focuses exclusively on SAMBA. It is therefore an important opportunity for SAMBA users and developers to discuss all SAMBA topics and meet the Core SAMBA team.

With the upcoming release of SAMBA 4.2 (early 2015) sambaXP provides a platform to for a lot of topics: The current status of SMB3 implementation, cloud challenges and the latest developments in OpenStack esp. regarding authentication. Like every year Data Management as well as clustering and performance optimization remain the key buzzwords that keep the SAMBA universe busy and are topics for talks we would like to hear at the conference. Also interoperability with AFP file servers, and compatibility with Apple SMB clients are candidates for the agenda. A look at SAMBA 4.3 is promised by the SAMBA team.

Detailed information on the conferences topics is listed in the <link http: call-for-papers.html external-link-new-window for>Call for Papers section on Abstracts can be submitted here as well. We are looking for both sides: technical presentations and user reports. The conference language is English; submissions in German are welcome nonetheless.
The "Call for Papers" runs until February 28th.

Until then, early bird <link http: registration.html external-link-new-window for>tickets for the two-day conference including BarCamp are available at a reduced rate of 299 Euros. Traditionally, the sambaXP starts on Tuesday, May 19th with tutorials. The tutorial "SAMBA 4 and CTDB" is already available, another tutorial organized by Microsoft can be booked by mid January.

Chairman of the SambaXP 2015 is again John Terpstra. He is a founding member of the SAMBA team and an acclaimed technical writer. The sambaXP 2015 is sponsored by Google, IBM and Microsoft.

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