OPOSSO source code available on GitHub


SerNet launched <link http:>OPOSSO - the OPensOurceSubScriptionpOrtal last year. OPOSSO is in use i.a. as a platform to <link https: _blank>manage the subscriptions for our own SAMBA+ packages. The source code is publicly available now, the software is licensed under the AGPLv3.

OPOSSO is a free subscription management portal for the marketing of (open source) software: In the past, open source developers who wanted to sell their software project as subscriptions quickly realized that there is no free solution for subscription management, that supports managing passkeys bought via an online store. OPOSSO provides a remedy. Unfortunately the currently available proprietary solutions from Red Hat or SUSE are not disclosed and are unsuitable for smaller projects. The system manages software subscription credentials and runtimes in interaction with a webshop. 

SerNet developed the idea for OPOSSO in 2014 and implemented it in a joint venture with beclever.

Visit the OPOSSO repository:<link https: oposso-team oposso auf>

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