Social Responsibility
Corporate responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

SerNet assumes corporate responsibility and is committed to social, societal as well as ecological issues. We accept our responsibility for sustainable development: we contribute to the careful use of resources as well as to social and economic progress.

Our goal is to promote sustainability. We aim to act reliably, transparently and fairly in the market. In this pursuit, we observe our legal and ethical responsibilities and take into account all possible courses of action in our decisions.

In the following, we present the cornerstones of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we live it at SerNet.

Responsibility in 5 building blocks

  • SerNet grows organically and does not use outside or venture capital.
  • Our goal is to provide safe and innovative product solutions of high quality.
  • We want to ensure sustainable economic success in the long term.
  • We treat our business partners with trust. Our goal is long-term cooperation.
  • We operate in accordance with the rules, respecting laws and regulations.
  • We do not tolerate bribery or corruption under any circumstances.
  • We respect the protection of personal data.

  • SerNet promotes the health of colleagues and minimizes safety risks.
  • We are committed to achieving a work-life balance. 
  • All employees have the opportunity for personnel development and individual training.
  • Training in our company is very important to us and is given a correspondingly high priority.
  • We strive for a fair salary structure. It is not only years of experience, skills and potential that count - we also pay attention to other circumstances such as family background.
  • Company pension schemes and capital-forming benefits are available to all colleagues.
  • Flat hierarchies in motivated teams are part of our corporate culture.
  • We enable co-determination and encourage colleagues to share responsibility.
  • In our teams, we create the conditions for diversity and equal opportunities.
  • We see employer branding as the umbrella term for many interlocking measures.
  • We ensure compliance with data protection regulations for our employees.
  • We attach great importance to social compatibility in our supply chain.

SerNet wants to reduce its environmental impact. We use scarce resources sparingly in our investments, services and processes, and reduce our consumption of energy and raw materials.

  • For the coordination and alignment of climate and environmental protection measures, we at SerNet follow the environmental management standard ISO 14001.
  • We focus on energy-efficient technologies.
  • All colleagues work efficiently with our resources and reduce environmental impacts to a minimum: diverse use of digitization, economical consumption of office materials, power circuit interruptions, low-energy lighting and longer use of hardware (warranty extensions, longer cell phone use).
  • We reduce waste. Where this is not possible, we ensure conscientious waste separation and disposal.
  • We favor energy-efficient logistics and strive to reduce emissions. Our first choice for business travel is public transportation. We also provide car sharing with our own company vehicle as well as company bicycles.
  • We design processes with an environmental impact efficiently.
  • We support digitization - both in our own company and with business partners (invoices, correspondence, corporate communications).
  • We pay attention to environmental compatibility in our supply chain.

  • We promote and support the voluntary work of our colleagues.
  • We are continuing and expanding our sponsorship activities in the areas of science, research and education.

SerNet naturally complies with the applicable law, explicitly and in particular on the following topics:

  • Protec of human rights
  • Prohibit of forced or compulsory labor
  • Prohibit of child labor
  • Comply with legal working conditions (e.g. fair pay, no unpaid overtime, acceptable working hours, equal opportunities in hiring, promotion, benefits and vacation)
  • Provide Health and safety
  • No discrimination on the basis of protected status
  • No harassment or abuse
  • Enable gender equality/women's rights
  • Guarantee freedom of association (including the right to participate in trade unions)
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