Liberal Professions

Secure IT infrastructure for Liberal Professions

Representatives of the liberal professions are in most cases at a structural disadvantage when it comes to procuring secure IT infrastructure. They are often individuals with specialist expertise - usually in areas a long way removed from technical issues in tax, law, medicine or other fields.

So, when it comes to procuring IT equipment, particularly careful consultation on an equal footing is necessary. Often, the great trust in SerNet's professional expertise is the basis for business - not unlike the relationships our customers have with their own clients.

Medical Professions

Doctors' work sometimes involves vital issues - and they don't want to have to deal with inadequately available IT. The systems must run with maximum availability, especially when today's X-ray and other measuring devices are also equipped with IT, which offer a lot of comfort - but in the event of a failure, usually no longer provide the old mechanical function.

The second important requirement is the confidentiality and integrity of the data and protection against access by unauthorized persons. Not only secure firewalls play a role here, but also the assignment of access rights on the computers in the clinic or practice. This is therefore also an important part of SerNet's offering.

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Architectural firms have a high demand for storage space on servers for their digital planning documents. SerNet offers solutions here that not only keep this data quickly available, but also copy it quickly to backup media so that valuable work results are not lost under any circumstances.

Modern CAD systems for planning and special software for structural design often have very high demands on the computing power of the computer systems, so that computer equipment in this area can be very cost-intensive.

Since architects can also spend every euro only once, good advice and planning in advance of procurements is often the decisive service.

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