Public Sector

Public sector facilities

SerNet is active in many hundreds of federal, state and local institutions. We install and operate firewalls, mail security systems, VPN and much more on behalf of our customers. We sell software and support cloud services. Hardware is updated in regular cycles and kept up to date with the latest technology.

Federal Institutions

SerNet is active for a variety of federal agencies.

We advise facilities when it comes to evaluating open source software and whether free software is a better alternative to closed source software, whose source code is not publicly available and whose often U.S. manufacturers cannot always maintain the desired level of data protection and other compliance issues.

Our verinice software is in operation as an ISMS tool at a large number of federal agencies and their downstream facilities. Managing information security is thus possible via open source software from Germany with maximum transparency and sustainability.

If Linux is in use, SAMBA must not be missing, because it enables the integration into Microsofts Active Directory or the release of data to workstations under Windows and MacOS. SerNet supplies software and services.

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Federal States

While federal institutions are strongly committed to the basic guidelines for the protection of the federal government's information infrastructures within the framework of the UP-Bund, the landscape of standards and specifications is much more varied in the federal structure of the Federal Republic.

SerNet supports firewall systems, for example for the state of Lower Saxony, under SLA contracts with response times around the clock. Support for directory servers or proxy farms for access control in the area of web security is also one of SerNet's tasks.

Four federal states have currently rolled out the ISMS tool verinice across the board and thus operate the management of information security transparently and without problems with data protection and without worrying about systems sending data to the manufacturer with unwanted telemetry using an open source software of German manufacture. In addition, there are many decentralized state institutions from other states that are increasingly coming to appreciate the value of free software.

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Local Authority Districts

Setting up and maintaining secure IT infrastructures in municipalities is a complex task. Many infrastructures that have grown over the years have to be modernized under high cost pressure and in compliance with tendering law. There is a wide range of qualifications in IT personnel and municipalities do not always succeed in attracting suitably trained people to work in public administration.

SerNet is available here both as an outsourcing partner and as an extended workbench. This means that we take over complete areas of responsibility, such as the maintenance of firewall systems and other security equipment, as well as keeping systems up to date with the latest technology in close coordination with our colleagues in the IT departments of the municipality.

An important task here is to provide advice on the latest technical developments. Even and especially if SerNet does not participate in a tender, consulting services are provided in the run-up to the tender in order to sharpen the objectives and to be able to address the technically suitable bidders.

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