15. sambaXP in retrospect: Audio recordings and slides

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From May 10th - 12th 2016 the 15th SAMBA eXPerience took place. The conference was hosted by SerNet and the <link https: _blank samba>international Samba Team. Audio recordings and slides of the presentations are now available at <link http: _blank samba>

This year the sambaXP made it to Berlin for the first time. Despite of the new venue the event was a meeting point for developers and users from around the world which was also reflected in the variety of topics: Stefan Metzmacher kicked off the conference with a deep insight into Badlock (<link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-audio wed sambaxp2016-wed-stefan_metzmacher-badlockbug.mp3 external-link-new-window metzmacher: badlock bug>audio / <link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-slides wed sambaxp2016-wed-stefan_metzmacher-badlockbug.pdf external-link-new-window metzmacher: badlock bug>slides), while Denis Cardon told "Samba 4-AD, it works: stories of battles fought and won" (<link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-audio wed sambaxp2016-wed-denis_cardon-samba4aditworksstoriesofbattlesfoughtandwon.mp3 external-link-new-window cardon: it works stories of battles fought and won>audio / <link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-slides wed sambaxp2016-wed-denis_cardon-samba4aditworksstoriesofbattlesfoughtandwon.pdf external-link-new-window cardon: it works stories of battles fought and won>slides). Cardons lecture is a proven toolbox to prepare and execute the migration of large networks to Samba4-AD.

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