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At the end of an eventful year, SerNet GmbH would like to say thank you. This thanks is due to the colleagues who showed solidarity during the pandemic and without whose solidarity "SerNet" would not exist. Even greater thanks are due to all our customers and business partners, with whom we were able to manage the second Corona year very well.

SerNet has never sent out Christmas cards in 25 years but, as in every year, we have financially supported selected projects and donated to various initiatives in 2021. A total volume of just over 30,000 euros benefited the following causes (in alphabetical order):

We wish everyone peaceful holidays and all the best, happiness and health for 2022!

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verinice not affected by log4j vulnerability

The verinice team informs about this on There is already a news about the log4j vulnerability published. More detailed and always updated information as well as the possibility to ask questions can be found in the corresponding thread in the verinice.Forum:

You have further questions about log4j and may need support yourself? Contact SerNet at

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COVID19 – Status at SerNet (12/2021)

  • All SerNet colleagues are vaccinated at least twice and work mainly in the home office.
  • Offices in Göttingen and Berlin are staffed at least with a minimum crew during business hours.
  • On-site visits to our customers are reduced to the minimum necessary.
  • If possible, we do not postpone any projects, as this crisis will, according to the current state of knowledge, extend well beyond 2021. Delays will be discussed with our customers and negative effects will be reduced as much as possible.
  • The capacities of our telephone switchboard has been expanded. Please send email to the known addresses or if there are problems with the telephone availability.
  • The number and capacity of VPN channels for our customers has been significantly increased to avoid bottlenecks. All customers can simultaneously use all VPN channels managed by SerNet to access their own networks with sufficient bandwidth.
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New Samba team management at SerNet

Samba Logo

Ralph Böhme is the new team leader of the Samba team at SerNet. In addition, Jule Anger (also SerNet) takes over release management in the international Samba team.

Karolin Seeger, who was previously responsible for team leadership at SerNet and release management on the core team, is moving professionally to Red Hat on October 1, 2021. At SerNet, Ralph Böhme will succeed her as team leader of the Samba department. With the foreseeable end of the Netatalk software for coupling Linux and macOS via AFP he switched to SerNet and the Samba team in 2013.

Jule Anger has been working as a developer in SerNet's Samba department for 2 years. At the same time she takes over the release management, she officially becomes a member of the international Samba core team. The release management for Samba will thus continue to be sponsored by SerNet after the departure of Karolin Seeger. Böhme on Jule Anger taking office: "With her, we have a highly motivated colleague in our team and are very pleased that she will contribute to the Samba project on an international level with a breath of fresh air."

About SerNet: SerNet is the leading provider of services and products around the free software Samba and is active worldwide. With SAMBA+ SerNet releases its own professional Samba distribution.

About Samba: Samba is the only free implementation of the SMB protocol that provides file and print services, highly available clusters, and identity management with Active Directory in an open source software, see

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Loxen is the new Chairman of DENIC's Supervisory Board

Dr Johannes Loxen

Dr. Johannes Loxen is the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DENIC eG. DENIC is the operating organization and central registry for all domains below the top level domain ".de".

Loxen, managing director of SerNet GmbH, joined DENIC's supervisory board in 2019. He was previously a member of the board from 2007 to 2016 . SerNet has been an independent registrar for ".de" since 2001.

Go to DENIC eG.

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