At the end of the year - A donation and a heartfelt thank you

Christmas 2020 symbolic image

2020 has proven to be an exceptional and challenging year for all. Thanks to the unified effort of all colleagues, SerNet has been able to navigate well through the past months, which have been marked by Corona. So it is time to express our thanks: thanks to all colleagues who have been committed to working together, and thanks in particular to all our customers and business partners. Instead of showering everyone with appropriate thank-you cards at the end of the year, SerNet has donated to a social cause - the Tafel Göttingen e.V.

Managing Director Reinhild Jung: "As in the past, we refrain from sending Christmas cards for ecological reasons and prefer to donate the corresponding amount to a good cause." An important component of the daily work at SerNet is to maintain good and trusting relationships with all customers and business partners. That is why she is sure that this action is in everyone's interest. "We want to show our sense of responsibility and a pro-social commitment with our donation at the end of the year," says Jung.

SerNet colleagues were called upon to suggest a project close to their hearts. In the end, the Tafel Göttingen was drawn, and received 2,000 euros. In an open letter (read more:, the organization had already pointed out in the spring that the Covid 19 pandemic was exacerbating the already difficult situation of those affected. The number of new registrations had already risen perceptibly at that time. "We are convinced that our donation is in good hands with Tafel Göttingen and can be put to good use," emphasizes SerNet managing director and founder Dr. Johannes Loxen.

The entire SerNet wishes a peaceful and, above all, healthy Christmas season with the prospect of a more enjoyable 2021.

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