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Slides online: "Present and Future File Serving with SAMBA"

The <link http: events linuxcon-europe external-link-new-window europe>LinuxCon Europe took place from October 13 to 15, 2014 in Düsseldorf.  Michael Adam, SAMBA team lead and member of the international SAMBA CoreTeam, gave a talk on "Present and Future File Serving with SAMBA". The slides are available online. Please visit the <link http: events linuxcon-europe program slides europe>LinuxCon Europe Slides section or download the <link http: sites events files slides lce-2014-obnox-samba-presentation_0.pdf external-link-new-window on and future file serving with>PDF directly.

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Ralph Boehme joins SAMBA CoreTeam

Ralph Boehme, working at SerNets own SAMBA team, was appointed as official member of the <link http: samba team external-link-new-window>SAMBA CoreTeam. The independent team consists of 40 people from all over the world who contribute regularly to SAMBA and have direct write access to the repository.

Preceding, Boehme contributed many patches especially regarding interoperability with Mac OS. He intends to further add his <link internal-link internal link in current>Netatalk/NetAFP expertise to the CoreTeam and take the chance to broaden his overall SAMBA know-how.

In total, six SerNet colleagues are now CoreTeam members. Besides Boehme those are Karolin Seeger, Michael Adam, Björn Jacke, Volker Lendecke and Stefan Metzmacher. 

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New EnterpriseSAMBA packages in September

The SAMBA team at SerNet has published new EnterpriseSAMBA packages in September.

Available are 4.0.22 und 4.1.12 for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu

Please note that you need to register at the EnterpriseSAMBA portal to access the packages.

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it-sa 2014: Get your free eTicket from SerNet

From October 7. to 9. 2014 Nuremberg will host the annual IT security fair <link http: _blank external-link-new-window in>it-sa. SerNet and the verinice team will be there - you'll find us in <link http: de ausstellerprodukte _blank external-link-new-window auf der it-sa>hall 12.0 / 12.0-339. 

At it-sa you'll get to know everything new about our ISMS tool verinice. You want to know about just released features? You want to know, if verinice is the right Tool for you? You want to express you're thoughts about verinice? We're looking forward to meeting you at our booth. Appointment can be arranged beforehand.

To obtain tickets please mail us at <link mail an itsa at sernet> Well send a code for a free e-ticket. The voucher can be redeemed at <link http: de besucher tickets gutschein _blank external-link-new-window your code for an>

 starting August 26.
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New EnterpriseSAMBA Packages: 4.0.21 and 4.1.11

The SAMBA team at SerNet released new EnterpriseSAMBA Packages. 4.0.21 und 4.1.11 are available for download as of now - the security releases address CVE-2014-3560. For more details see the EnterpriseSAMBA News.

To access the packages you need to register at EnterpriseSAMBA Portal first.

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