Meet SerNet at SDC 2015

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It’s time for the <link http: events storage-developer _blank the sdc>Storage Developer Conference (SDC) again: The international conference will take place in Santa Clara (California, USA) September 21-24, 2015. SerNet will be present to talk about Samba and supports the event as Silver Sponsor.

SerNet’s Volker Lendecke, Samba developer and Samba Team member, will give a talk on Wednesday, September 23rd, starting at 2 pm (PDT): He’ll deal with "The Past, Present and Future of Samba Messaging", providing an overview of the various implementations in detail, their strengths and weaknesses. It will also describe possible future developments for high-performance local and clusterwide messaging. It will give Samba implementors an overview of a critical piece of the Samba architecture and where it is headed (<link http: events storage-developer agenda _blank for present and future of samba>see detail).

Learning objectives of Lendeckes talk are to learn about Samba architecture, find out about Samba clustering directions and get insight about Samba performance and scalability improvements. You can listen to a similar talk on this topic from the <link http: _blank>sambaXP 2015 (<link http: archive_data sambaxp2015-audio1 wed track2 sambaxp2015-wed-track2-volker_lendecke-pastpresentandfutureofsambamessaging.mp3 _blank from volker lendecke at sambaxp>MP3 / <link http: archive_data sambaxp2015-slides wed track2 sambaxp2015-wed-track2-volker_lendecke-pastpresentandfutureofsambamessaging.pdf _blank from volker lendecke at sambaxp>PDF-Slides).

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