sambaXP: Listen to the 2015 recordings - and save the date for 2016

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Recordings and slides of the sambaXP 2015 talks are now available at In addition there's a date set for the sambaXP 2016 and the Call for Papers already started. 

The 14th Samba eXPerience took place from May 19th - 22nd 2015 and SerNet GmbH once again was proud to host it in Goettingen (see article). Samba developers and users from all around the world gathered and put together a divers program with talks like Volker Lendeckes "The past, present and future of Samba messaging" (Audio / Slides) or "Using Samba libraries outside Samba" from Jakub Hrozek (Audio / Slides) - both are now ready to listen to. 

Save the date: sambaXP 2016

While we finished postprocessing the sambaXP 2015, we also started planning the sambaXP 2016. And we already got a date for you to look forward to: May 10th - 12th 2016 is marked in our calendar for the 15th samba eXPerience. We also started the Call for Papers: Until February 28th 2016 we are looking for contributions to the sambaXP 2016. Details and paper registration:

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