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SAMBA, 2023

sambaXP 2023 in Goettingen

The agenda for this year's sambaXP is online! Samba eXPerience is the annual gathering of the Samba team and its ecosystem of developers, users, and providers around the world. From May 10-11, 2023, the conference will once again take place on-site at Hotel FREIZEIT IN in Göttingen, Germany. In addition to a variety of exciting presentations and after several online events, the focus will be on personal exchange and networking. Tickets and the detailed program can be found at

A big thank you goes out to sponsors Google and Microsoft. Microsoft is also contributing to the program with an "Interoperability Track.

The keynote will come from Tom Talpey, who worked for Microsoft for many years and helped develop the SMB protocol and Samba. Also scheduled is a "Panel Discussion: Inside the Samba project" with sambaXP Chairman Jeremy Allison, where the international Samba team will present ongoing and planned projects.

A tutorial by Stefan Kania is scheduled for the day before the conference, specifically 5/9/2023: This is aimed in particular at newcomers and beginners and is intended to help with the question of whether and how the use of a Samba AD can succeed. Accordingly, the focus is on answering questions about Samba. In a practical part the construction of a small Samba domain is planned. Tickets for the tutorial are also available via the conference page:

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