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From Lower Saxony to the "Valley": SerNet Inc. markets SAMBA+ in the United States

Since the end of 2021, SerNet has expanded its reach and founded SerNet Inc. based in the United States. Andrea Schell, as COO and Head of Sales at SerNet Inc., plays a key role in this expansion. With her experience in managing SAMBA+ sales at SerNet GmbH in Germany, Andrea brings valuable expertise to the American branch. In an interview, she shares insights about the establishment of the U.S. subsidiary, the benefits of SAMBA+, and the future aspirations for the company.

What was the motivation for founding SerNet Inc.?

Andrea Schell: We see growing opportunities in the United States, especially in the public sector. The key is clearly a company headquartered in the US with available domestic contacts. With our SAMBA services and our own SAMBA+ distribution, we have already been "at home" in the Valley for more than a decade, so establishing the subsidiary is just the next logical step.

How does SerNet Inc. intend to conquer the market?

We are focusing on our SAMBA+ software business in the United States. We are convinced that our software distribution is simply much better than others. And we have an ace up our sleeve: Besides our SAMBA+ packages for Linux systems, our especially for IBM AIX designed software packages (SAMBA+ AIX)are particularly attractive for banks, insurance companies and critical infrastructures. We have also developed SAMBA+ SLA to cater even more to the American audience. Here, customers can define their service level with individual services according to their own wishes. This is extremely important for the US market.

Who is part of the SerNet Inc. founding team?

Johannes Loxen (SerNet founder and managing director) and I really wanted to set up the company because we are interested in the international market. We had a lot of support from a professional network when we founded SerNet Inc. This made it actual fun to work our way through forms, contracts and regulations and get the hang of everything. We can still rely on this network and are excited to see how 2024 develops for us.

What are the next plans and goals for SerNet Inc.?

First of all, of course, we want to grow and develop exciting partnerships. We are also considering expanding our offering with our ISMS software verinice - SerNet's other open source brand. That will be a valuable addition to our US portfolio.

Last but not least, what challenges do you face in the US market?

"Other countries, other customs" definitely applies here. Although we have been working for US customers for many years and feel that we know the market, there are still many subtleties for us to discover. Everything runs faster, the approach is more direct and personal contact is much more appreciated. The business is very service-oriented and references are the be-all and end-all. But we are motivated and we are eager to find our own way!

Andrea Schell
Andrea Schell oversaw the founding of SerNet Inc. as COO.
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