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25 years of SerNet

Article on the founding of SerNet in the Göttinger Tageblatt

On 8 April 1997, four students from the University of Göttingen met for the founding meeting of SerNet GmbH. Many companies in the region wanted to use the "Neuland Internet" and urgently needed firewalls to protect their own computers against the dangers that threatened even then. With Telekom's DSL offer from the beginning of 1998, the market for the young company was broadly available and within 5 years SerNet was able to convince customers throughout Germany of its own capabilities.

25 years have passed since then. SerNet is a major player in the German market in the field of information security, IT infrastructure and open source software and works for customers worldwide and around the clock – from headquarter in Göttingen or from offices in Berlin and San Francisco.

The portfolio in products and services has developed in many ways. In addition to the main business of IT security for many hundreds of regular customers, SerNet sells and supports secure infrastructure solutions for data storage as well as hybrid solutions in the cloud. With SAMBA+ and verinice, SerNet has established software products for very different customer groups and thus created a stable basis for business. This can also be used in the future to work in an innovative and customer-oriented way.

Unfortunately, the pandemic only allows for a small cake party with colleagues on April 8th 2022. But since in 1997 the entry of a new company in the commercial register at the Göttingen district court still took more than 5 months, SerNet will use the period until September 2022 for many small anniversary events: round tables, a summer party and, above all, the relaunch of its own website in a completely new look - for the next 25 years!

SerNet Events 2022

More trees for more environmental and climate action

Baumurkunde für SerNet

The Youth Parliament Göttingen has been offering all young people in and around Göttingen an opportunity to be influential at the local level since  2020. SerNet GmbH supports both the Youth Parliament and the project "A Forest from Göttingen" as a cooperation partner.

With the project group "A Forest from Göttingen", the Youth Parliament wants to make a contribution to climate and environmental protection. The goal is to enable planting new trees in the city area together with Goepflanzt through fundraising activities - in cooperation with Primaklima donations provide for reforestation in Nicaragua. There, smallholder families counteract drought damage and thus receive an additional stable income. SerNet's contribution has enabled the planting of 167 trees in Nicaragua.

Those who would also like to support the "A Forest from Göttingen" project can find all the necessary information here or can donate directly via

SerNet 2022

AfD funds for the Seebrücke

Seebrücke Logo

SerNet sells software through fully automated online stores. Unfortunately, we cannot effectively restrict who buys there. Thus, unfortunately, the far-right party AfD has also purchased software via the online store. Instead of painstakingly canceling this purchase, we are directing the amount of money received as a result to a good cause! We donate the amount paid by the AfD to the Seebrücke and round up to an even 1,500 Euros. We think that this is right in the interest of the general public and on closer inspection also in the interest of the AfD.

According to its own definition, Seebrücke is "an international movement that is committed to safe escape routes, unimpeded sea rescue and an end to dying at European borders".

SerNet 2022

SerNet sponsors CLT 2022

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2022 fully distributed

In March, it's that time again and the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage are coming up: On March 12 and 13, 2022, the event for Linux and open source enthusiasts will take place – again purely digitally, which is also reflected in this year's motto "Fully distributed". SerNet is once again participating as a sponsor.

SerNet has been involved in the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage since 2016, both as a sponsor and by providing presentations. Already since 1999, the annual event has pursued its goal of bringing Linux and open source into society. A commitment that we are happy to support.

SerNet Events 2022

sambaXP 2022 takes place online

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SerNet is once again hosting sambaXP. This will take place online from May 31 to June 2, 2022 and is now the 21st annual meeting of the international Samba community. Participation is free of charge. Sponsors of sambaXP 2022 are Google, Microsoft and SerNet.

Tickets can be booked via the conference website The call for papers is open until the end of February - we will publish the program in due time.

Details are available on the SAMBA+ website or directly on the sambaXP conference page.

SerNet SAMBA Events 2022

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