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In 1996, SerNet launched its state of the art firewall offering to protect commercial Internet users from Internet threats. SerNet still offers this today - significantly expanded to include a large selection of products and services from a large market.

SerNet sorts out and selects a consistent portfolio of security solutions, which function in a coordinated manner.

SerNet offers complete outsourcing of firewall operations. Around the clock, SerNet employs specialists to keep customer systems productive and state-of-the-art. Only very few customers are able to do the same and therefore rely on SerNet's services.


Based on a PA 220 from Palo Alto Networks, SerNet offers its customers an all-in-one firewall that enables full VPN access and secure data exchange with a single-tier firewall in compliance with ISO 27001 requirements.


Multi-stage firewalls are put together by SerNet from systems of different manufacturers, for example a "Cisco-ASA" as an external firewall and a "Palo-Alto" as an internal firewall. An intensive needs analysis and customer consultation is absolutely necessary before a purchase decision is made.

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