More trees for more environmental and climate action

Baumurkunde für SerNet

The Youth Parliament Göttingen has been offering all young people in and around Göttingen an opportunity to be influential at the local level since  2020. SerNet GmbH supports both the Youth Parliament and the project "A Forest from Göttingen" as a cooperation partner.

With the project group "A Forest from Göttingen", the Youth Parliament wants to make a contribution to climate and environmental protection. The goal is to enable planting new trees in the city area together with Goepflanzt through fundraising activities - in cooperation with Primaklima donations provide for reforestation in Nicaragua. There, smallholder families counteract drought damage and thus receive an additional stable income. SerNet's contribution has enabled the planting of 167 trees in Nicaragua.

Those who would also like to support the "A Forest from Göttingen" project can find all the necessary information here or can donate directly via

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