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SerNet, 2023

Loxen re-elected to IHK plenary assembly

SerNet Managing Director Dr. Johannes Loxen is entering his third term in the plenary assembly of the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). He ran in the election group "Services" for the district of Göttingen. The trust placed in him again underlines his continuous and committed work within the IHK. SerNet GmbH congratulates cordially!

Dr. Loxen sets his priorities in the coming work period on three topics (in detail):

  • Digitization: Intelligent IT solutions and a comprehensive understanding of security and compliance are essential to drive the ongoing digital transformation in industry, the citizenry and the public sector, according to Loxen. With his expertise, he wants to optimally prepare IHK members for upcoming regulations, such as the "NIS2" directive 2024.
  • Equality: SerNet GmbH lives equality in many aspects - in salaries, in senior positions (internal link to team leadership), with flexible working models, including HomeOffice. Dr. Loxen will continue to actively bring these experiences to the IHK and plead for increased commitment in the younger management to advance equality and counteract the shortage of skilled workers.
  • Climate Change: As a PhD physicist and entrepreneur with a clear vision for a sustainable future, Dr. Loxen addresses climate change as a long-term challenge created by industrialization. His focus is on the shared responsibility of industry and the need to broadly support progressive solutions, such as those offered by companies like 1KOMMA5°.

The many years of voluntary work in the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry also reflect the CSR philosophy of SerNet GmbH, where social commitment plays a central role. The understanding that companies should play an active, shaping role in society as well as in the markets is firmly anchored in the corporate culture.

Supported by committed personalities such as Maike Bielfeldt, Managing Director of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Gerhard Oppermann, and other players, Dr. Loxen sees optimal conditions for an effective and fruitful time in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry General Assembly. Christian Grascha, head of the Göttingen IHK office, and Vice President Birgitt Witter-Wirsam, who has significantly strengthened the influence from the districts in southern Lower Saxony, also contribute to this.

Dr. Johannes Loxen
SerNet Managing Director Dr. Johannes Loxen remains actively involved in the plenary assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Hannover.
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