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Insight into the world of IT: How a server comes to life

On April 25, 2024, this year's Girls' Day at SerNet was dedicated to the world of servers, operating systems and open source software. Our trainees Lana Ellermeier, Jona Köhler, Fynn Köhler, Marius Meyer and Jannik Jessulat gave this year's six participants an insight into the world of their apprenticeships in IT systems integration and application development for a whole day.

The preparation and organization of Girls' Day at SerNet is traditionally the responsibility of the trainees, who once again took on the project with great enthusiasm and commitment. They independently presented their profession and created an exciting experience.

The participants were able to immerse themselves in practice by assembling a server, programming a robot and creating an HTML page. At the end of the day, there was also something to win in a quiz with questions such as "Is Debian a Windows operating system?" or "What does the command cd do?". With small prizes and lots of new knowledge in their luggage, the participants made their way home - perhaps even with the desire to become part of this exciting IT world themselves one day.

The Future Day is deliberately designed exclusively for girls: The aim is to give them a laid-back, first introduction to IT - in the long term, this is a small contribution to promoting the presence of women in technical professions. In keeping with this, Jule Anger, Samba Release Manager at SerNet, also gave a presentation on the topic of "Women in IT" and the formative role they played in the early days of computers.

The SerNet team hopes that the participants enjoyed Girls'Day. We would be delighted to welcome some of the young talents back as interns or trainees in the future.

Girls'Day 2024 at SerNet
The SerNet team with the six schoolgirls who took the plunge into IT on Girls'Day 2024
Server building
Single components are used to create a server.
Presentation "Women in IT" by Jule Anger
Jule Anger talks about "Women in IT"
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