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SerNet, 2024 Sanctions lists under control

Is it time to check the various sanctions lists? Has someone bought something that shouldn't be on the list? At SerNet, this check is performed by, an internally developed program that significantly simplifies compliance - and is also freely available to everyone at GitLab.

Checks are mandatory, embargo lists must be observed. SerNet GmbH and SerNet, Inc. strictly observe this - but not immediately for every offer. The store systems for and also run automatically. This makes regular, (partially) automated synchronization all the more important.

Despite the existing, large software market, we were looking for a low-threshold solution that - like others - would ultimately scour the sanctions lists freely available on the Internet. This gave rise to the idea of a small program for the command line. This was implemented by Jule Anger, who works as a working student at SerNet alongside her computer science studies at the Georg August University in Göttingen and holds the role of Release Manager in the team. searches for sanctions lists online, prepares the data and compares it with pre-exported customer data in CSV files from shop and CRM systems. The program currently evaluates lists from the following sources:

  •  European Union
  •  IranWatch
  •  Japan
  •  Switzerland
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United Nations
  •  United States of America  is released under the GNU General Public License v2.0, making it freely available to everyone. At SerNet, we believe that by freely sharing knowledge, resources and tools like, positive effects are created.

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