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Dual dynamics: Business informatics studies and IT training at SerNet

As a partner company for the dual study program "Business Administration", SerNet has been cooperating with the VWA Göttingen for 10 years: after three years of alternating between the company and the lecture hall, students can look forward to a Bachelor's degree. This can be combined with a vocational qualification at the IHK Göttingen. Traditionally, the positions were previously located in the administrative area of SerNet. For the first time, Sven Kreisch (20), a junior IT specialist, is completing the dual business studies program and is aiming to qualify as an IT specialist at the same time.

The path to SerNet

Sven graduated from BBS II in Göttingen in 2023 with a focus on information technology. The Gieboldehausen native already had clear ideas about his near future during his time at school: "I wanted to stay in the region and work and study at the same time." He came across SerNet back in 2022 during a two-week school internship. He was impressed by the family atmosphere and wanted to become part of the SerNet team after graduating.

At first, one problem stood in the way: "In Göttingen, there is no opportunity for a dual degree in computer science, so we had to find another solution," Sven recalls. He found one together with SerNet. The company was open to new ideas and could imagine combining the dual study program at the VWA with work in IT. After a detailed discussion with Oliver Seufer, Technical Manager at SerNet and trainer, it quickly became clear that this was feasible.

Oliver emphasizes: "We have long been interested in combining the Bachelor's degree with IT content, despite its focus on economics and the opportunities at SerNet." The collaboration with the VWA makes this step possible: "As part of the Business Administration course, students can also take elective courses that deal with business informatics. We were able to explore this together with the VWA, especially thanks to the good communication with its Managing Director Jens Schmidt."

Studying and joining the company at the same time is a double burden - especially in two such different subject areas. Oliver: "You have to want to do that, you need suitable candidates." Sven was perfectly suited to this challenge: "I already had my own business as a student and took care of server hosting and web development," he explains. "Thanks to this previous experience, I was able to get straight into practice at SerNet. The business side is also a lot of fun and gives me interesting insights." Nevertheless, he is already looking forward to the business informatics focus modules in the next semesters.

Everyday life between studies and work

Sven spends Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at university and often has exams at weekends. He is studying independently for the IHK exam to become an IT specialist, as he doesn't have to attend vocational school. However, he can always rely on the experience of the other SerNet trainees and discuss the content of his studies and training with them.

In his day-to-day work at SerNet, Sven works in internal IT on secure infrastructures for his colleagues. His tasks include mobile device management (MDM), server administration, technical onboarding and offboarding, monitoring the hardware in our own server room and compliance with security standards in accordance with ISO 27001. He is also familiar with business continuity management (BCM) and first-level support for colleagues. Sven appreciates the support and open structures at SerNet: "The work is varied and challenging. I learn new things every day, also thanks to the support of the specialist team."

After this first test run, the plan is to continue. "We are interested in continuing the program and continuing to train IT specialists in combination with business administration and business informatics at the VWA," emphasizes Oliver Seufer. He is convinced that this is also a promising offer for future interested parties.

Employer with future prospects

SerNet GmbH is an IT service provider specializing in secure infrastructures and information security. The company offers many entry-level opportunities, including apprenticeships in IT systems integration or application development. For more than 20 years, SerNet has also been providing training in the commercial sector and has been a partner company for the dual study program "Business Administration" at the VWA Göttingen for 10 years. In addition, there are other individual opportunities to gain initial practical experience as a working student in the company during a full degree course.

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Oliver Seufer and Sven Kreisch
Oliver Seufer, technical manager of SerNet and trainer, and Sven Kreisch
Dual student Sven Kreisch at SerNet
Office day: Sven Kreisch at his workplace in the media house.
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