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25 years of KI at SerNet

Since 2022, ChatGPT has been accessible to everyone and on everyone's lips. At SerNet, on the other hand, another “AI” has been in use very successfully for 25 years: in June 1999, our colleague Kevin Ivory joined SerNet and has been available and active there as KI (German for AI) ever since.

Working with clouds from the start

Kevin works in the area of IT security and secure infrastructure - SerNet's core portfolio. He specializes primarily in mail security, i.e. securing and troubleshooting electronic mail traffic on systems in customer data centers and in the cloud. Kevin is certain: “The broad knowledge SerNet has built up over many years is of enormous value to our customers in all areas of Internet use.”

By the way, Kevin's path into the cloud has long been mapped out! Before his time in IT security, Kevin completed a doctorate in physics and wrote his dissertation on electrons in the solar wind and magnetic clouds. Even back then, he was already working with Linux systems to dock onto scientific mainframes - at SerNet, he furthered his enthusiasm for Linux and network administration.

Team spirit and more than just a workplace

After 25 years at the company, Kevin can say with certainty that the team spirit and mutual appreciation are what make SerNet stand out. He emphasizes: “The family atmosphere makes work a lot of fun.” SerNet also offers numerous benefits and takes care of its colleagues. As a result, long company affiliations like Kevin's are not uncommon.

We would like to thank Kevin for his commitment and look forward to many more years with our very own KI!

25 years of AI at SerNet!
Kevin Ivory applied for the job 25 years ago and has been a valued colleague at SerNet as “KI” ever since - he is particularly enthusiastic about the old town run in the SerNet team.
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