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Tickets available for sambaXP 2019

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Ticket sales for sambaXP 2019 has started. The annual meeting of the international Samba community will take place from June 4th to 6th at the Hotel Freizeit In in Göttingen. Tickets are available until February 28th, 2019 at the Early Bird price of 399 Euros. The Call for Papers is still running, and submissions are still welcome. Tickets and more info on the CfP are available here:

On March 1st the "normal" sales phase will begin, ticket prices will bei at 499 Euros. The conference fee includes participation on both conference days (Wednesday, June 5th and Thursday, June 6th) including catering and a social event on Wednesday evening. In addition, a tutorial can be booked on Tuesday, June 4th: Long-time sambaXP speaker and Samba trainer Stefan Kania will focus on "Creating and managing Trusts with Samba 4.9". The costs for this are 450 Euro. Accordingly equipped and prepared computers for the tutorial are available.  

The sambaXP 2019 is sponsored by Google, Microsoft and Red Hat. This year's organizer is again SerNet GmbH, which wants to promote the exchange among Samba developers and users from all over the world with the conference. 

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verinice 1.17 out now

SerNet has released version 1.17 of the open source ISMS tool verinice. The verinice.TEAM presents an extensive update, which is especially relevant for working with the Modernized IT Baseline Protection of the German BSI: An optimized modelling as well as the possibility for preliminary hybrid modelling are decisive innovations. All details with extensive screenshots can be found in the Release Notes. The new version is available in the verinice.SHOP (for standalone users) or in the verinice.PRO repository.

Two important notes for verinice users come with the update:

  1. Automatic client updates are not possible for verinice 1.17! We have compiled all necessary information about manual updates in a HowTo. To update the verinice.PRO server to version 1.17, please use the package manager "yum" as usual (see details on the verinice.PRO update).
  2. When verinice 1.17 is started for the first time, all previous modelling in the Modernized IT Baseline Protection will be migrated to the new modelling. Therefore, please create a backup of all your information networks before each new installation or the first start of verinice 1.17.
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Budgets ensure fast access to verinice support

verinice Support Budgets

verinice support budgets are now available in the verinice.SHOP. They provide quick and easy access to supporting services for the OPen Source ISMS tool verinice. In addition to individual contracts, SerNet is thus making flat-rate budgets available to customers all over the world.

With this step SerNet wants to make it easier for verinice users to have direct access to the expertise of the verinice.TEAM. Two advantages in particular are key: The contract is concluded immediately instead of having to be individually negotiated. In addition, all hourly rates are the same, regardless of whether technical support in the narrower sense or, for example, consulting is used to implement a standard. Within one hour after purchase, the project number is available, with which support requests can be made at any time by e-mail or, in urgent cases, by telephone.

A support budget purchased in the shop contains 10 hours of service at a price of 1200 Euro (net). Up to 4 of these budgets can be purchased at once and bundled for a 40-hour project (one working week). The support budgets include product support for verinice and verinice.PRO as well as all related queries for databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle), identity management (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) and virtualization (VMWare) on Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

Support budgets have a duration of 24 months. The monthly account statements as well as a final statement provide detailed information about all inquiries and used units. The smallest time unit for a support request is a quarter of an hour. All work is carried out by SerNet remotely by e-mail or telephone during the active support hours (Mon-Fri 8 - 18 CET).

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SAMBA+ 4.9.0 released: SerNet sponsors improvements

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SerNet released the first SAMBA+ packages of the 4.9 release series. One of the new features is improved support for trusted domains when Samba is running as Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC).

This main improvement was made possible by a development sponsorship from SerNet in the six-figure range. Stefan Metzmacher, long time Samba team member and valued SerNet colleague, worked on the topic. Detials are listed in the news at

The new 4.9 series includes many improvements and features, which are documented in the Samba 4.9.0 release notes. dokumentiert sind. Da es sich um die ersten SAMBA+ Pakete für die Samba 4.9-Release-Reihe handelt, empfehlen wir, vor dem Upgrade gründlich zu testen und die Release Notes sorgfältig zu lesen! Aufgrund größerer Änderungen sind vor allem der Abschnitt "CTDB-Änderungen" und die dort enthaltenen Anweisungen wichtig, wenn CTDB im Einsatz ist.

Since this is the first release of SAMBA+ packages for the Samba 4.9 release series, we recommend to test thoroughly before upgrading and read the release notes carefully! Due to major changes, users should pay a visit to the Samba release notes to carefully read the 'CTDB changes' section and instructions if they use CTDB.

Packages are available for various SUSE and Red Hat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu.

With the release of Samba 4.9 former release series change their status as follows: Samba 4.8 enters maintenance mode, Samba 4.7 enters security releases only mode. As Samba 4.6 is discontinued, SAMBA+ 4.6 will still be available as SAMBA+ LTS. We created a matrix to clarify, which Samba versions are still included in SAMBA+ LTS. Also, the new 4.9 packages won’t be available for some distributions any longer. Please have a look at the SAMBA+ how-to at OPOSSO.

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it-sa 2018: Exclusive insights into verinice 1.17

Booth 204 in Hall 9 at it-sa 2018 is the place to go for everyone who wants to take a look at the latest developments in verinice. it-sa – the annual trade fair and meeting place for the IT security industry – will take place from October 9 to 12 in Nuremberg. SerNet will be there with verinice partners.

The verinice.TEAM of SerNet will be accompanied by Cassini, IT-InfoSec, neam, SILA Consulting and TÜV TRUST IT.  They are all part of the verinice.PARTNER network and are happy to pass on their expertise on site. Together, SerNet and the partners will present verinice and provide insights into verinice 1.17, which will be published soon after it-sa. In addition, the partners will present their own services such as the establishment of a management system for information security, consulting for e.g. BSI IT Baseline Protection, ISO 27001 and ISIS12, audits, or support on the way to certification. c.a.p.e IT GmbH will present the integration between verinice.PRO and KIX Professional. uib will also be there, presenting opsi – the Open Source Client Management System.

Would you like to get to know verinice in general or specific contents such as the data protection module? Would you like to take a look at our implementation of the Modernized IT Baseline Protection and the Compendium? Would you like to know whether verinice is the right tool for you? Would you like to get to know some of our verinice.PARTNERS and their range of services? Then we look forward to welcoming you. We would also be happy to arrange a meeting with you in advance! Please send us an e-mail to

Voucher codes

You can get free visitor tickets for a visit to it-sa via SerNet. To do this, visit and enter the voucher code A391225. With a visitor ticket, you can explore it-sa from 9 a.m. on any day.

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