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verinice 1.8: Improving the user experience

As of now verinice 1.8 is ready for download. The new version of the open source tool for your information security management (ISMS) has been put together with the users comfort and ease in mind. 

Among the innovations in verinice 1.8, which has been published by SerNet GmbH, are: The management of deadlines for tasks, removing no longer needed objects with repeated imports, new rules for access permissions, breadcrumbs in the object representation, automated addressing (CC / BCC) in mails and the ability to specify a source for report templates. 

Seemingly small changes - that have great effect. Alexander Koderman, team lead of Certs & Audit at SerNet, says: "The new version primarily increases the comfort for the user." In his opinion information security management is already a complex field that will further increase in necessity as well as in complexity. "The original idea of verinice always was to make ISMS easier." And that's exactly what version 1.8 tries to accomplish. 

In accordance verinice development manager Daniel Murygin stresses: "With verinice 1.8 we have consistently continued on the path to provide a well-to-use ISMS tool that maps complex relationships - and is still a full-grown open source software." For planned versions the mission statement is to further simplify working with the ISMS tool and make it more comfortable. Koderman: "Of course we benefit greatly from the feedback of verinice users who were also the basis for version 1.8." These suggestions are a valuable asset to optimize the ISMS tool in the future. 

For more information about the update see the release notes at

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"SerNet opens up open source for Windows and Mac".

"Our workplace is always where Linux is to communicate with Windows or Macintosh components." The high importance of interoperability is highlighted by SerNet CEO Dr. Johannes Loxen in a just published interview with DataCenter Insider.

Loxen's statement also emphasizes SerNet's unique selling point of being the world's only service provider with permanent SAMBA team members. Other topics covered in the interview include the business field SAMBA, the growing role of OpenSource as well as the need for standardization for cloud services and the collaborative efforts behind Open Stack. 

The full-length article is available online to read. 

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SerNet at SDC 2014 in Santa Clara

The <link http: events storage-developer _blank external-link-new-window zur>Storage Developer Conference (SDC) will take place in Santa Clara (Kalifornien, USA) September 15 - 18. SerNet participates as "Silver Sponsor". Members of our SAMBA team will be there to inform you about all SAMBA has to offer. They will also add to the agenda with their talks. 

On Tuesday, September 16, Michael Adam starts his talk "<link http: events storage-developer agenda _blank external-link-new-window abstract von michael>smb[3]status" at 1 pm (PDT). Adam, SAMBA Team Lead at SerNet, takes a look at All-Active Clustering, RDMA and SMB Direct as well as the starting development of Hyper-V for  SAMBA. He describes the advanced SMB3-features from the perspective of a SAMBA developer and the challenges entangled with it. 

Stefan Metzmacher, developer at SerNet and member of the internationalen SAMBA team, reports about "<link http: events storage-developer agenda external-link-new-window abstract von stefan>A New DCERPC Infrastructure for Samba". On Wednesday, September 17., he'll talk about the recent DCERPC-implementation from 3:05 pm. Metzmacher promotes the new infrastructure that will combine all DCERPC implementations and add important new features.

"<link http: events storage-developer agenda _blank external-link-new-window abstract von volker>Scalable CHANGE_NOTIFY", is the topic of the talk Volker Lendecke will give at Wednesday, September 17, from 4:05 till 4:55 pm. Lendecke, developer at SerNet and member of the international SAMBA team as well, concerns himself with the history of CHANGE_NOTIFY. Lendeckes talk looks at  the now implemented very well scalable and low-overhead implementation of recursive CHANGE_NOTIFY.

All talks will be available as slides after the SDC 2014 closes its doors. Please check back with us for updates.

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New reference work: SAMBA 4 practical knowledge

The first German-language book on SAMBA 4 is on the market: "Samba 4 - The practical book for administrators" by Stefan Kania is available now and is already advancing to become a reference work. SerNet makes a clear recommendation: For years the people of Göttingen have relied on Stefan Kania as a lecturer when it comes to successful SAMBA training. 

The expert reviewer of the 370-page work was Michael Adam, head of the SAMBA department at SerNet and a member of the international SAMBA team. "Well-founded, practice-oriented, easy to understand," was Adam 


Four chapters take you from getting started to the finished SAMBA 4 infrastructure for enterprise IT. In addition to the theoretical basics, a sample project guides you step-by-step through building a complete SAMBA 4 environment. 

"Samba 4 - Das Praxisbuch für Administratoren" by Stefan Kania is published by Galileo Press. The hardback edition is available for 39.90 Euros, the e-book is available for 34.90 Euros.

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13. sambaXP: audio recordings, pictures and slides available online

The 13th <link http: _blank external-link-new-window>sambaXP took place from May 13. to 16. in Göttingen. SerNet as the main organizer of the event welcomed 90 participants from all around the world at Hotel Freizeit In. <link http: past-conferences sambaxp-2014 archive.html _blank external-link-new-window the sambaxp>Slides and audio recordings covering nearly all talks are available at as of now. 

The sambaXP traditionally lasts four days and is composed of tutorial, two conference days and a final BarCamp. The presentations ranged from "How I learned to love Sharing Violation" (Richard Sharpe / Panzura), "μSAMBA - Scaling SAMBA Down to Micro Server" (Kai Blin / MPG) and "Experiences of Applying SAMBA Enterprise NAS Products" (Ingo Meents / IBM) to "OpenStack and SAMBA" (Simo Sorce / Red Hat). In his keynote Sven Oehme (IBM) discussed "SAMBA from the perspective of IBM" and depicted the relationship between the General Parallel File System (GPFS) and SAMBA. 

The participants of the sambaXP included mainly members of the international core team, luminaries of the SAMBA development, and employees of large companies. Accordingly, lectures and discussions about SAMBA were on a high level. "Thus, also this SambaXP was a great success," said Dr. Chen-Yu Lin, who at SerNet is responsible for organizing the event. SerNet CEO Dr. John Loxen adds: "We also make the lectures available in retrospect to provide permanent access to valuable information." Development and the use of SAMBA are located worldwide, but not everyone could arrive to Germany - so it's the conference records job to spread the free thought behind SAMBA further.

Impressions from sambaXP 2014 are located at <link http: past-conferences sambaxp-2014.html _blank external-link-new-window der>

 The SAMBA team looks forward to further discussing the topics of sambaXP. To join the conversation visit "TALK" at <link http: external-link-new-window>

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