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SerNet releases EnterpriseSAMBA 4.2.4

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SerNet's Samba team just released EnterpriseSAMBA 4.2.4 packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. They are available at <link https: _blank>

These packages address a lot of issues, which are listed in the <link http: samba history samba-4.2.4.html _blank external-link-new-window release>Samba 4.2 history.  

Please note that you no longer need to register to be able to access the packages. To access the download server you just need to login with your username and accesskey or the new public user shown on our <link https: _blank external-link-new-window>EnterpriseSAMBA portal. 

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verinice 1.11 gets Elasticsearch and optimized GSTOOL import

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SerNet's verinice.TEAM released version 1.11 of the ISMS tool verinice. New features include the Elasticsearch framework integration and significant GSTOOL-Import improvements

Elasticsearch now enriches verinice and verinice.PRO with a performant as well as flexible full-text search. The decision in favour for the open source framework, which e.g. Wikimedia uses, is explained by verinice team lead Alexander Koderman: "In our tests Elasticsearch proved to be very fast. Virtually every request could be processed within a few milliseconds." Elasticsearch also allows to offer all search functions in full for each database. Koderman: "verinice supports various databases such as Oracle, PostgreSQL and DerbyDB. These may differ in their full-text indexing behavior and features." Also, with the now implemented solution  users of the free verinice single-user version with offline database receive the same search function quality as verinice.PRO users .

The verinice.TEAM has carried out numerous and extensive improvements to the GSTOOL import. In verinice 1.11 for example speed and disk space consumption have been optimized by large.  GSTOOL is the official but now deprecated software tool published by the German BSI for its IT-Baseline standard.

More detailed information about the new features, other new features and improvements included in the <link http: en verinice-support release-notes _blank external-link-new-window verinice release>release notes for verinice 1.11. An update to version 1.11.1 is also already available and fixes a problem with the automatic language setting. The download is available directly through <link http: en _blank external-link-new-window>

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EnterpriseSAMBA 4.1.20 packages available

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SerNet's EnterpriseSAMBA 4.1.20 has just been released. Packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are
available at the Samba portal.

These packages address a lot of issues, which are listed in the Samba history.

Please note that you no longer need to register to be able to access the packages. To access the download server you just need to log in with yourusername and accesskey or the new public user shown on

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SerNet and verinice at it-sa 2015

SerNet's it-sa booth

From October 6th - 8th 2015 SerNet GmbH will be present at the IT security trade fair it-sa in Nuremberg. The verinice team is located at 12.0 / 12.0-339.

SerNet is accompanied by the verinice.PARTNERS SILA Consulting, IT-InfoSec, Carmao and by Greenbone. Together they present verinice in its latest version and demonstrate the possibilities of the ISMS tool for ISO 27001, VDA ISA etc. as well as specific scenarios, such as the vulnerability management coupled with the Greenbone Security Manager. In addition, the partners inform about their services such as the design, implementation and optimization of a management system for information security, as well as certification and trainings.

You want  to learn about verinice or certain functions? You want to know if verinice is the right tool for you? Or just give us feedback on the software? You want to get to know some verinice.PARTNERS and their services? We look forward to welcoming you at our booth. For appointments send us an mail to

Get your free ticket

SerNet has some free tickets in store - just v

isit and enter the coupon code A310119.

Those tickets are valid on any day starting on 9 am.
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Meet SerNet at SDC 2015

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It’s time for the <link http: events storage-developer _blank the sdc>Storage Developer Conference (SDC) again: The international conference will take place in Santa Clara (California, USA) September 21-24, 2015. SerNet will be present to talk about Samba and supports the event as Silver Sponsor.

SerNet’s Volker Lendecke, Samba developer and Samba Team member, will give a talk on Wednesday, September 23rd, starting at 2 pm (PDT): He’ll deal with "The Past, Present and Future of Samba Messaging", providing an overview of the various implementations in detail, their strengths and weaknesses. It will also describe possible future developments for high-performance local and clusterwide messaging. It will give Samba implementors an overview of a critical piece of the Samba architecture and where it is headed (<link http: events storage-developer agenda _blank for present and future of samba>see detail).

Learning objectives of Lendeckes talk are to learn about Samba architecture, find out about Samba clustering directions and get insight about Samba performance and scalability improvements. You can listen to a similar talk on this topic from the <link http: _blank>sambaXP 2015 (<link http: archive_data sambaxp2015-audio1 wed track2 sambaxp2015-wed-track2-volker_lendecke-pastpresentandfutureofsambamessaging.mp3 _blank from volker lendecke at sambaxp>MP3 / <link http: archive_data sambaxp2015-slides wed track2 sambaxp2015-wed-track2-volker_lendecke-pastpresentandfutureofsambamessaging.pdf _blank from volker lendecke at sambaxp>PDF-Slides).

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