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it-sa 2016: Learn all about verinice!

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From October 18th - 20th 2016 Nuremberg (Germany) hosts the annual it security fair <link http: en external-link-new-window>it-sa. SerNet, the verinice.TEAM and verinice.PARTNERS will be present at booth 12.0 / 12.0-339.

The verinice.TEAM is accompanied by the verinice.PARTNERS Cassini, SILA Consulting, IT-InfoSec und neam. Together they’ll present verinice in version 1.13 and demonstrate the possibilities of the ISMS tool for ISO 27001, VDA ISA etc. as well as specific scenarios. The partners will also inform about their individual services such as the design, implementation and optimization of a management system for information security, as well as certification and trainings. In addition Greenbone will demonstrate the option to combine verinice and the Greenbone Security Manager to enable efficient vulnerability management.

You want  to learn more about verinice or certain functions? You want to know if verinice is the right tool for you? Or just give us feedback on the software? You want to get to know some verinice.PARTNERS and their services? We look forward to welcoming you at our booth. For appointments send us an email to <link mail an email to>

Free eTicket

Get your visitor ticket for free access to it-sa: Just redeem the voucher code A333700 at <link http: voucher external-link-new-window it-sa>

. With a visitor ticket you’ll be able to explore it-sa on any day starting at 9am.
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FSFE Summit: OPOSSO empowers sustainable business models

The 1st Summit of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) will be held September 2nd - 4th at the BCC Berlin. Kicking off on Thursday (Sep. 2nd) with the motto "Let's talk about business" various business models and experiences around Free Software will be discussed. Dr. Johannes Loxen, CEO of SerNet, will be one of the speakers on this day with a lecture on OPOSSO, a new platform for Subscription Management.

At 4:15 p.m. Loxen introduces the free software project OPOSSO, published by SerNet and under AGPLv3. OPOSSO is a platform for the management of subscriptions and makes it easier for developers to establish a sustainable business model on a subscription basis. OPOSSO automates the handling of high subscriber numbers, start and end dates of the subscriptions and the combination with web stores and software repositories. It follows the premise that the lower the price for the subscription is, the more the subscription process itself must be automated.

OPOSSO won the silver OSBAR 2015 – the Open Source Business Award of the OSB Alliance. In addition, the project can be observed live at

The FSFE Summit will bring together FSFE members and supporters from all over Europe. The Summit is organized as subconference of the QtCon which combines five free software Communities and projects under one roof: Qt Contributors, VideoLAN, KDAB, KDE – and FSFE.

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OPOSSO source code available on GitHub


SerNet launched <link http:>OPOSSO - the OPensOurceSubScriptionpOrtal last year. OPOSSO is in use i.a. as a platform to <link https: _blank>manage the subscriptions for our own SAMBA+ packages. The source code is publicly available now, the software is licensed under the AGPLv3.

OPOSSO is a free subscription management portal for the marketing of (open source) software: In the past, open source developers who wanted to sell their software project as subscriptions quickly realized that there is no free solution for subscription management, that supports managing passkeys bought via an online store. OPOSSO provides a remedy. Unfortunately the currently available proprietary solutions from Red Hat or SUSE are not disclosed and are unsuitable for smaller projects. The system manages software subscription credentials and runtimes in interaction with a webshop. 

SerNet developed the idea for OPOSSO in 2014 and implemented it in a joint venture with beclever.

Visit the OPOSSO repository:<link https: oposso-team oposso auf>

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15. sambaXP in retrospect: Audio recordings and slides

sambaXP Logo

From May 10th - 12th 2016 the 15th SAMBA eXPerience took place. The conference was hosted by SerNet and the <link https: _blank samba>international Samba Team. Audio recordings and slides of the presentations are now available at <link http: _blank samba>

This year the sambaXP made it to Berlin for the first time. Despite of the new venue the event was a meeting point for developers and users from around the world which was also reflected in the variety of topics: Stefan Metzmacher kicked off the conference with a deep insight into Badlock (<link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-audio wed sambaxp2016-wed-stefan_metzmacher-badlockbug.mp3 external-link-new-window metzmacher: badlock bug>audio / <link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-slides wed sambaxp2016-wed-stefan_metzmacher-badlockbug.pdf external-link-new-window metzmacher: badlock bug>slides), while Denis Cardon told "Samba 4-AD, it works: stories of battles fought and won" (<link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-audio wed sambaxp2016-wed-denis_cardon-samba4aditworksstoriesofbattlesfoughtandwon.mp3 external-link-new-window cardon: it works stories of battles fought and won>audio / <link https: archive_data sambaxp2016-slides wed sambaxp2016-wed-denis_cardon-samba4aditworksstoriesofbattlesfoughtandwon.pdf external-link-new-window cardon: it works stories of battles fought and won>slides). Cardons lecture is a proven toolbox to prepare and execute the migration of large networks to Samba4-AD.

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New SAMBA+ version: SerNet releases 4.4.4 packages

SAMBA+ 4.4.4 has just been released. Packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are available.

These packages address a lot of issues, which are listed in the <link https: samba history samba-4.4.4.html _blank external-link-new-window release>Samba 4.4.4 release history.

SAMBA+ 4.3 packages and all later versions are available as software subscription. They can be purchased at the <link https:>SAMBA+ Shop, detailed information and prices are listed there. The subscriptions bought at the SAMBA+ shop are managed at our platform<link https: subscription management> OPOSSO. Users can activate their subscriptions here and manage access credentials.  The new SAMBA+ 4.4.4 packages are included in existing subscriptions.

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