No backup? No sympathy!

This is what you need:

  • Fast processing of large amounts of data
  • Image backup of operating systems
  • Restart of systems in a few seconds
  • Data protection conformity

A very good backup can be recognized by a very good restore. Deleted files must be found within a few minutes and destroyed servers, e.g. after an encryption attack, must be restarted directly from the backup system within a few seconds (instant recovery). Requirements of the GDPR for the storage of personal data must be verifiably fulfilled.

What has to be done?

Without a good concept, there is no good data backup: Fast or slow growing data stocks, requirements from databases and data stocks from remote locations must be taken into account, plus bandwidths, offsite backups and much more.

SerNet can rely on more than 23 years of successful work and experience in this area.

SerNet recommends VEEAM

Backup software from VEEAM meets all requirements for secure backup. Costs and technical conditions can be planned very well and future-proof.

The most important protection goals are:

  • Backup without operational disturbances
  • checked backups for guaranteed restore
  • Restart directly from the backup
  • Onsite and Offsite Backups
  • Compliance with all data protection requirements

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