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In SerNet's winwerk team, you work on the provision and maintenance of IT infrastructures based on Microsoft Windows, Active Directory and MS Exchange. Technology from a variety of manufacturers is used, and SerNet has specialised in their offerings:

VMWare, Fujitsu, Mailstore, VEEAM, Sophos, NoSpamProxy, DATEV and more.

The teams at SerNet are not large - so it depends on your contribution. At least two people form a competence team per manufacturer or for the solution behind it, representing each other and learning from each other. 

And if you can do something that we don't have yet? Then all the better! It doesn't matter whether you support us with the above topics or bring know-how on HyperV, SharePoint, Teams, Navision or other things. Some customer always has some of these things in use and needs you to tackle their challenges!


O365/M365 and the Azure Cloud challenge you, because our customers also want to run a variety of solutions hybrid. SerNet not only sells performance, but also IT security - and sometimes we have to tell our customers that it's not as easy as they would like.

Technical solutions such as proxies and edge servers, 2-factor authentication and various VPN techniques are just as much part of our toolset as knowledge of IT compliance, data protection and the requirements of the ISO 2700x security standards or the branch requirements in automotive sector, hospitals or energy suppliers. 


At SerNet, you never just work within your team alone. Our customers have usually also bought firewall and VPN systems from Team ITSEC or want to set up a hybrid Active Directory with Windows and Linux servers together with Team SAMBA - or a migration from one to the other. It may also happen that you are asked to support the HyperV integration of a verinice server for a customer.

So you think outside the box every day without leaving the company. Team winwerk's solutions become more powerful and valuable through this collaboration!

Especially if you are interested in Active Directory or the SMB protocol in detail, talk to the colleagues from Team SAMBA as often as you can, because they work closely with Microsoft in the USA and meet them regularly at conferences in the USA or at our own conference sambaXP, to which you are always invited!

What does it mean, winwerk?

The team is called "winwerk" because it was founded as a separate company in 2008, but then merged into SerNet in 2017. Of course we kept the brand and we didn't want to throw away the beautiful logo on the 3rd floor of the Göttingen office :-)

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Christian Börker

Christian Börker Team Lead winwerk

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