Storage systems from Fujitsu: Cost-effective storage of large amounts of data

The requirements for modern storage systems:

  • Redundancy
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Availability
  • Data protection conformity
  • Price Effectiveness

Despite the relocation of more and more services to the cloud, locally available storage retains its high importance. Data volumes in companies are growing faster than the available bandwidth to the Internet. In addition, there are questions of data protection and trust in the availability of the cloud. So not everything can be outsourced.

What needs to be done?

Modern storage systems can store data from all operating systems and applications securely and with high availability. The correct planning of a modular and expandable system from the very beginning protects against investment errors. SerNet can point to successful work and experience from many reference projects.

SerNet recommends Fujitsu

The right setup of servers, hard disk systems, network connections, virtualization, operating systems and much more is economically possible with Fujitsu systems.

This is what you want from modern storage systems:

  • sufficient CPU power for best performance
  • enough RAM for many simultaneous processes
  • inexpensive expandable hard disk space
  • adapted resources for backup/recovery

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