verinice.PARTNER Network

A tried-and-tested standard such as the BSI's Baseline IT Protection ensures that it is first determined which topics are most pressing in your own company before measures are implemented.

The implementation of IT-Grundschutz seems very complex due to the variety of measures, the beginning seems difficult. SerNet offers verinice, a tool under an open source license, to support this process and, with the verinice.PARTNER network, makes competent consultants with know-how visible. The partners also offer training courses and workshops for implementing basic IT protection with verinice.

Consulting via Partners

If you need help for your ISMS (e.g. to set it up with verinice) or would like to commission an audit by a BSI-licensed auditor, you can access our partner network. Approach the partners directly or contact us by email or by phone at +49 551 370000 0. We will be happy to refer you to a partner that fits your requirements.

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