Your job at Team "verinice"

In Team verinice you produce and maintain verinice, an "ISMS tool", which is a instrument for an information security management system that helps its users to better implement and comply with the rules of data protection as well as the international standard ISO 27001 and the BSI IT-Grundschutz in their own company.

In Daniel's team, you are a software developer and build the application in an agile process fullstack / frontend / backend with a variety of tools, languages and methods. In Michael's team you develop content for verinice: modules that are developed for different areas: Basic protection compendia, minimum standards, risk catalogues and much more, which are then offered in our verinice.SHOP as add-ons to verinice.

Open Source

As a software developer in the verinice team you produce free and open source code that is published on Github under the GPL with your personal copyright. verinice is the only tool of its kind and we are proud that we have been very successful with this method since the beginning in 2006.

Our second claim is that we want to build a standard tool for standards - i.e. "the Word of ISMS tools". You should not have to buy long and expensive customising, but be able to start immediately. This means an extra mile of effort for you in the development - but hopefully high customer satisfaction with the costs and the applicability in practice.


At SerNet, you never just work within your team. As a member of the technical team or as a software developer, you ask Team SAMBA if you want to know about the integration in Active Directory. The verinice servers running on Linux are integrated with a lot of know-how from Team ITSEC and offered for download. And if something doesn't work under Windows, internal support is quickly available from Team winwerk.

So you think outside the box every day without leaving the company. Team verinice solutions become more powerful and valuable through this collaboration! Your expertise from the technical team is also directly needed at SerNet, because we also use verinice for risk and compliance management and have to appoint data protection officers and IT security officers. The shoemaker's children often go barefoot - but not at SerNet :-)

Your contact

Daniel Murygin

Daniel Murygin Head of Development

+49 551 370000-0

Michael Flürenbrock

Michael Flürenbrock Product Owner

+49 551 370000-0

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