verinice is an ISMS tool - a tool for an Information Security Management System, with which you can define, manage, control, maintain and improve information security.

Open Source Software - Free Software

verinice is the only open source IMS on the BSI reference list that also supports several platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS).

verinice is free. The source code is available so that you can adapt verinice to suit your requirements. Of course, you can also have SerNet do this for you.

BSI IT Baseline Protection

verinice understands the content of the basic protection catalogues: modules, measures and risks are displayed in an easy-to-understand tree structure that you can also search and filter.

Record your IT with verinice. Form fields help you record all the necessary information about your buildings, rooms, IT systems, networks and applications. Use the export function to create tables in Open Office that always contain the information you need. If you need ISO 27001 certification, verinice can create the reference documents required by BSI at the press of a button.

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