With its open source software verinice, which has been available since the end of 2007, SerNet offers a tool that links the ISO 27001 as well as the German BSI IT Baseline Protection with the user's individual IT landscape and also supports the workflow to improve IT security.

SerNet prefers to work with competent partners. For those who want to bring their experience with verinice to the customer, we provide optimal support and do not interfere. Please feel free to contact us about our verinice.PARTNER program!


Compliance in terms of information security means ensuring that technical information security meets legal and other regulatory guidelines. This is an ongoing task for every person who is responsible for security.

The most important standards and regulations are the international standards ISO 27001 to 27005, the rules relating to basic IT protection in BSI standards 200-1 to 200-4. In Germany, legal regulations include TKG, GDPR, GDPdU and KonTraG.

These are complemented by specific regulations such as IDW PS 330 for auditors, MA-Risk for risk management in banks and COBIT as a framework for IT governance.

SerNet helps its customers fulfil all their compliance guidelines.

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