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SerNet nurtures a close relationship to the Samba core team. We co-fund the overall development, conferences and fairs. In 2002 we created the annual Samba user and developer conference: The samba eXPerience or - as we like to call it - the sambaXP. The event takes place in Göttingen, Germany every May and is the only conference solely dedicated to Samba  That's why it is a beloved opportunity for participants from all over the world to meet up.

A whole week is filled with workshops, tutorials and a 2-day conference. The main focus always is the exchange of knowledge, which we further support with a BarCamp that closes the sambaXP. Also we do not forget the fun part - that is where the conference party comes into play, styled differently each year.

Past sponsores of the Samba conferences include Google, Intel, IBM, Novell and Red Hat. In 2014 Microsoft joined in as sponsor and in 2015 Zentyal. 

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