SerNet provides its own Samba packages as SAMBA+ (formerly EnterpriseSAMBA up until version 4.2). We offer them for SLES, RHEL, openSUSE and Debian Linux as well as for Ubuntu.

Starting with SAMBA+ 4.3 packages can be purchased at the SAMBA+ Shop as software subscription per server and per year. The subscriptions you buy at the SAMBA+ shop are managed at a new platform called, where you activate your subscriptions and manage access credentials.

One Source

The "one source policy" helps us to ensure that the Samba handling is almost identical everywhere. Therefore customers encounter the same Samba features on all their machines. This is how we at SerNet make Samba a lot easier to handle in terms of deployment, configuration, maintenance and trouble shooting.

On the other hand Linux vendors like Red Hat, SUSE and Debian or Unix vendors like IBM, SUN and HP deliver executable binaries. These are more or less nicely integrated into their specific operation system and customers have to deal with a wide range of versions as well as features in Samba if they want to connect servers from different brands.

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