Netatalk is often used as Linux server for Apple clients. The free AFP implementation not only plays a role similar to Samba in terms of the SMB protocol used by Microsoft. It's also OpenSource just like Samba - therefore it enhances the SerNet portfolio in the best way possible.

In late 2013 SerNet was joined by Ralph Böhme from NetAFP to further strengthen the Samba Team. Böhme is the main developer of Netatalk. He reinforces the team of Samba developers at SerNet as well as the on-site AFP expertise.

Packages and Support

SerNet offers Netatalk services, including the precompiled NetAFP Netatalk packages. These can be obtained in form of a subscription. The subscription is valid for one year, the price depends on the number of users.

We're also experts for commercial 3rd level support for ISVs/OEMs and end customers with production environments that demand scale and availability. Support for Netatalk can be charged at cost. Alternatively, a support contract can be concluded with a fixed quota.

From AFP to SMB

The protocol landscape is changing: The release of Mac OS X 10.9 (“Maverick”) made SMB the preferred network protocol for exchanging data. Apple placed its own protocol AFP in the second row.

That's why the cooperation with NetAFP and namely Böhme brings valuable know-how to the development of Samba at SerNet - and vice versa. The open source expertise from Netatalk is kept alive and infused in the best free SMB Stack out there. In consequence a scalable migration support for the conversion from AFP to SMB will be available for Netatalk users worldwide.

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