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In SerNet'ts SAMBA team, the SMB protocol initiated by IBM in the 1980s is developed in two directions: We build new features into Samba on behalf of international customers and we offer our own distribution under the name SAMBA+.

As a software developer, you produce software that you publish under your own copyright as free and open source code under the GPLv3 licence. SerNet's customers are large manufacturers of storage systems like IBM or Fujitsu, but also start-ups, most of which are based in Silicon Valley or Israel. SerNet doesn't get paid for software licences itself and doesn't own the copyright to Samba, but charges for the hours worked. 

As a system integrator, you produce SerNet's Samba distribution namend SAMBA+. This is a special version of Samba that is sold as a software subscription. The software itself is free and open source, but the product maintenance in the subscription ensures that the customers always have the latest technology without old, known bugs on their servers.

Almost all SAMBA colleagues in are closely involved in the international Samba.TEAM. This is established as a US not-for-profit organisation. As a colleague at SerNet, you will be in two teams after a short time and write free and open software on behalf of SerNet, but perhaps also out of your own interest for the team. Apart from the younger members of the international team, who are mostly still studying or doing an apprenticeship, almost all the others are employed by companies or work independently for Samba.

Once a year in spring SerNet organises the sambaXP, a developer conference in Göttingen, to which almost the entire international team attends - together with many customers and other integrators. Every autumn, the SNIA Storage Developer Conference takes place in Santa Clara, which is also attended by a large number of developers.


At SerNet, you never just work within your team. You also have a lot to do internally: You support Team ITSEC with tasks in the area of Linux or the internal IT with our own SAMBA servers. You work together with Team winwerk on migrations from Windows to Samba or vice versa or support our customers with mixed setups. And when verinice servers are to be integrated into Active Directory at SerNet customers, your SAMBA know-how is also in demand.

So you think outside the box every day without leaving the company. SerNet's products and services become more powerful and valuable for our customers through this collaboration! The more contact you have with the other teams, the more you can learn for your daily work and improve the success of your team.

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Ralph Böhme

Ralph Böhme Team Lead SAMBA

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