Virtual Private Networks are encrypted connections between computers and networks that can be trusted like local networks. SerNet offers the necessary choice of vendors, technologies and services to establish a secure and state of the art VPN.

Client Access VPN

Mobile clients running with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android are using AnyConnect for encrypted connections to the central systems. Because only SSL ports are needed this works with almost every internet connection. SerNet supplies ready to install packages containing all needed programs, certificates and configurations.

Site2site VPN

Encrypted coupling of complete networks at remote locations via VPN is realized at SerNet with Cisco routers or based on OpenVPN in Linux. Systems from Cisco are physically more robust and are easier to be maintained - Linux systems offer a much wider range of tools in case of network problems and troubleshooting.

SSL Certificates

SerNet sells, installs and configures SSL certificates for web servers enabling them to establish encrypted connections to web browsers - important for e-commerce shops, online banking or data exchange in health care systems. Browser certificates help to setup simple web session VPN scenarios.

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