Palo Alto Networks - The Next Generation

SerNet offers integration of next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks in one-tier and multi-tier concepts.

Palo Alto Networks is a leading vendor of next-generation firewalls - used to connect remote company sites or protect high performance data centers. SerNet offers hardware appliances and virtual firewalls.

Integration in SerNet's firewall concepts

In a typical sernet.DMZ setup a firewall from Palo Alto Networks is configured as the internal firewall. An external packet filter based on a Cisco firewall or OpenBSD appliance protects the whole DMZ from the internet. The internal firewall works on several levels:

Traffic on TCP level is analyzed by a packet filter but can be assigned to different users on the higher session level and therefore controlled with a role and rights management. Even secured SSL connections may be intercepted to apply content filtering that otherwise would stay blind on encrypted data.

A "Palo Alto Firewall" is also possible in the one-tier firewall setup sernet.GATE.

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