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In SerNet's ITSEC team, you work in the field of technical IT security. Firewalls and VPN are the main focus - but a variety of other systems depend on them: servers for mail, web, mail archiving, proxy and reverse proxy systems,  software against SPAM and MalWare like ZeroDays and other threats. But we also build secure wifi for our customers or advise on access security, emergency power supply and much more from the general area of information security up to compliance issues.

In doing so, we use technology from a variety of manufacturers, in whose offerings SerNet has specialized:

Palo Alto, Cisco, Fortinet, Sophos, Lancom, and many more.

But most of all you will use LINUX - our Swiss Army Knife for all situations where a special device is not versatile enough: as jumphost, mail relay, firewall, BGP router, file server with SAMBA, web server, proxy, for network analysis, for OpenVPN and as a test environment for new network technologies. So if you don't have expert knowledge about Linux and the shell yet - at SerNet you will get it. Our main focus is Debian, but we regularly deal with "everything", i.e. Ubuntu, RHEL, SLES, CentOS and many exotics, plus OpenBSD and FreeBSD if we have to!

Even your workstation at SerNet runs Linux - unless you want a Mac :-)

Open positions at SerNet and in Team ITSEC can be found behind this link.

There is no glory in prevention

If you are responsible for security, you very often tell your customers why some settings unfortunately are note "allowed" and why they are putting themselves at risk if, for example, they don't set a password on their smartphone or open the firewall across the board in the direction of Microsoft clouds.

SerNet operates under ISO 27001 guidelines and will always want to set up systems to survive a security audit, following our compliance standards. Especially in the cloud age, however, we are facing a lot of problems with this, because all cloud providers are primarily pursuing sales interests and have less of an eye on the security of their customers. You will experience this again and again in your work at SerNet.

Sometimes our customers do things that are not healthy for them. Then you escalate the issue to the team leader and management, and we write a letter that clearly states why SerNet advises against certain configurations for liability and insurance reasons.

Customer is king (& queen)! But if things go wrong and damage occurs, even though we have warned, SerNet should not be affected.


At SerNet, you never work only within your team. Team winwerk builds infrastructure, which you then secure with firewalls. This is not possible without close coordination and knowledge of the requirements. Servers with verinice run under Linux and the IT specialists in Team verinice have been educated in ITSEC and get support from you if necessary. And no matter if the own SAMBA servers at SerNet or at the customers are concerned - knowledge in system integration is also needed from you - and you need the support of the colleagues from Team SAMBA, so that you can do your work faster and learn something.

So you are thinking outside the box every day without leaving the company. Team ITSEC's solutions become more powerful and valuable through this collaboration!

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Krischan Jodies

Krischan Jodies Team Lead IT Security

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