No need to wait

We will provide support for everything that we set up for you. This is a warranty extension for you from day one.

All our colleagues who work for you are obligated to data secrecy according to GDPR and to telecommunications secrecy according to the German Telecommunications Act.

We also observe the outsourcing standards of the BSI within the framework of our general work according to BSI IT Baseline Protection and ISO 270001.

The maintenance concept of SerNet is very simple: we offer two service levels - the only difference between them is whether we have to get out of bed for you in the middle of the night or whether you can wait until the next business day before we fix your problems.

This is what we do while we are waiting:

  • State-of-the-art software maintenance
  • Operating system and network monitoring
  • Alert the SerNet team in case of failures
  • Phone hotline - 24/7 by request
  • Log file control and evaluation

For these services we conclude a Service Level Agreement with you in which reaction and response times are determined.

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