Openness ensures security

Computer programs are written by people. Programs contain errors - always. At SerNet we know that software is at its best when it is as open as possible:

  • Open in regard to the interfaces, open for external revision, open in its source code, open for potential other uses. This is why we develop free software on a GPL
  • Only open source software can be checked for its contents, only open source software is free and verifiably secure.

Samba, the free and better alternative

You will find more information about SAMBA here on our server. Some pointers: We develop Samba according to user requirements. Large customer projects or small change requests - everything that fits into the roadmap of the team will be added as soon as possible according to customers' wishes. If it takes some time for your requested feature to be included in the general version, you will receive it in advance as a finished software package. Put us to the test.

ISMS tool verinice

SerNet is continuously developing an open software tool for the management of information security: verinice. Users can not only express their wishes for future development, but can also purchase this development directly.

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