Best-in-class consulting

SerNet a leading expert in information security: data security and data protection based on basic IT protection. We also have extensive expertise in open source software, focussing on Samba and Enterprise Linux. 

With SerNet consulting you will see what leeway you have. We don't just put forward our case to an empty room, our arguments are based on our references and extensive experience in projects - which we can provide evidence of if you require.

Ask the market leader

Samba is the most important open source alternative for proprietary Windows servers, and SerNet is the leading consultancy company for Samba for customers all over the world. With Samba there is no way around SerNet, the only system integrator with core team developers.

Our verinice tool suite, which you can download as open source software from the web for free, is a powerful tool. If necessary, you can ask us for the relevant expertise. Our BSI-certified auditors work on the basis of their experience and don't just rattle out some facts they may have learned by heart. We keep an eye on reality and what is feasible at all times.

Linux consulting

SerNet has been working with free software right from the word go. Linux has been and remains one of the most important representatives of this software category, along with Samba, the Apache web server and the OpenBSD operating system. For many years SerNet has been working closely with the producers of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) and very intensively with the Debian team. More than 10 colleagues have attained all producer certifications and can thus advise you on almost all Enterprise Linux applications.

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