Side Projects

In addition to their work at SerNet, some colleagues pursue their own private projects in the IT environment, which they publish under OpenSource licenses. SerNet is pleased to list some of them here. If you are interested in these projects, please contact the responsible persons directly.

project list:

Author: Jule Anger
Name: embargio

Topic: Embargio is a command line programme written in Python for matching customer lists with sanctions lists of various countries and institutions for import and export control.

Author: Björn Jacke
Name: Ispell dictionary

Thema: The German Ispell dictionary igerman98 complies with the new spelling rules that have been in effect since August 1, 1998 and are binding as of August 1, 2005. In addition, the reform-reform changes of 2006 are included, but most of them do not affect the spelling dictionary anyway, since many newly permitted forms in other grammatical contexts were also possible before and were thus already included in the dictionary.

Author: Krischan Jodies
Name: ipcalc

Topic: ipcalc helps with designing and calculating subnets, for example to be used in screened subnets (dmz). Subnetting is daily business for network admins. Hence ipcalc is popular in the world wide admin community for over 20 years and part of some Linux distributions. Krischan Jodies wrote the tool when he gave network classes at SerNet and wanted to demonstrate how this subnetting thing works.

Author: Alexander Koderman

Thema: is a vulnerability intelligence solution that helps prioritize hardware and software vulnerabilities in a concrete deployment environment. continuously monitors official sources of vulnerabilities and matches them with personal inventory. In addition, worldwide news channels are monitored for vulnerability-related reports and appropriately mapped. Performant search and analysis functions facilitate vulnerability handling decision making.


SerNet has no rights to these works and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information on the pages of the projects listed above.

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