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Work is give-and-take! SerNet offers a variety of jobs and career opportunities. If you bring competence, commitment, flexibility, solidarity, social behaviour and a lot of willingness to learn, you can make the company work for you and automatically benefit SerNet. 

Your professional qualification is important, but not decisive. What counts is what you can do and what you want to do!

  • Software development happens on the frontend, in the backend and fullstack, deep in the protocol close to the kernel or directly on the user interface.
  • Consulting brings your expertise directly to our customers. Windows or Linux, firewall technology or compliance management, via video conference or directly at the customer's site in Berlin, Brussels or Boston.
  • Helpfulness is our greatest virtue: we provide support with everything we know that is appropriate for the tasks of our customers.

SerNet's four teams offer you a wide range of options for putting your qualifications to use. We have put the whole range of topics on separate pages under the teams pages - click through!


In the company's back office, there is also a dedicated crew working in sales and marketing, purchasing and accounting - you can get involved here too!

And what about career?

How fast you travel on your career path is up to you - we support you for mutual benefit. Get everything you can out of SerNet and don't get tired of exploring your options:

  • Educate yourself and learn new things all day long.
  • Attend conferences - and give your own presentation the second time around!
  • Change teams if you prefer to develop Samba instead of installing verinice.
  • Write your CV every three years and get a progress report.
  • If you want to leave, we are not angry, but look after you from time to time ...

Rest assured that SerNet will benefit from your development, even if you sadly leave us and eventually become our customer. :)

By the way, on XING you can find some profiles of people at SerNet, take a look!

What you can expect from us:

Working environment:

  • Trust working time
  • family-friendly working hours
  • independent work
  • Possibility to work from home
  • varied trainings
  • collegial atmosphere 
  • a competent team
  • target agreements


  • 65 colleagues in 4 teams + administration
    a company with little hierarchy and short distances
  • diverse customers from all industries
  • social commitment, which you have a say in


  • modern and pleasant offices in Göttingen or Berlin-Mitte
  • free choice of laptop and computer (Linux, Windows or Mac)
  • Mobile contract can be used privately, incl. flat rate for data and fixed network
  • Mobile phone freely selectable (iPhone, Android)
  • Determine working materials and books yourself

Additional services:

  • BahnCard 25 to BahnCard 100, can also be used privately
  • Private use of bonus systems (Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa etc.)
  • Bicycle leasing via the company
  • Subsidy for nursery school and kindergarten
  • Free of charge: Coffee, tea + soft drinks
  • Subsidy for health promotion: swimming pool, bio-canteen etc.
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • and much more

Contact person

Dr. Johannes Loxen

Dr. Johannes Loxen General Manager

+49 551 370000-0

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