Corporate Social Responsibility

SerNet embraces corporate responsibility and is committed to social, societal and ecological issues. We accept our responsibility for sustainable development and make a contribution to the careful use of resources as well as to social and economic progress.

Our goal is to promote sustainability. Our aim is to operate reliably, transparently and fairly in the market. In this endeavor, we take our legal and ethical responsibilities into account and include as many options as possible in our decision-making.

Our 4 cornerstones of responsibility

  • SerNet is growing organically and does not require third-party or venture capital.
  • Our goal is to provide safe and innovative product solutions with high quality.
  • We want to make economic success sustainable and thus secure it for the long-term.
  • We treat our business partners with trust and work together on a long-term basis.
  • We do business in compliance with regulations and respect laws and bylaws.
  • We do not tolerate bribery or corruption under any circumstances.
  • We ensure the protection of personal data.
  • SerNet supports the health of its colleagues and minimizes safety risks.
  • We are committed to balancing work and private life.
  • All our employees have the opportunity to develop their professional and personal skills.
  • Apprenticeship in our company is very important to us and is therefore very important.
  • We make an effort to ensure a fair salary structure. It is not only many years of experience, skills and potential that count - we also pay attention to other factors such as family background.
  • Company pension plans and contributions to capital creation are available to all colleagues.
  • Flat hierarchies in motivated teams are part of our corporate culture.
  • We enable participation and encourage colleagues to share responsibility.
  • In our teams, we create the conditions for diversity and equal opportunities.
  • We see employer branding as a concept of many complementary measures.
  • We ensure that our employees comply with data protection regulations.
  • We prioritise social compatibility in our supply chain.

    SerNet wants to reduce environmental impacts. We use limited resources responsibly in our investments, services and processes and reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials.

    • For the coordination and alignment of climate and environmental protection measures, we comply with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.
    • We focus on energy-efficient technologies.
    • All our colleagues work efficiently with our resources and reduce environmental impacts to a minimum: diverse use of digitization, economical use of office supplies, circuit interruptions, low-energy lighting and prolonged use of hardware (extended warranties, prolonged use of mobile phones).
    • We reduce waste. Where this is not possible, we ensure that waste is thoroughly separated and disposed of.
    • We prefer energy-efficient logistics and strive to reduce emissions. Our first choice for business travel is public transport. We also provide car sharing with our own company car and company bicycles.
    • We design processes with an environmental impact efficiently.
    • We support digitization – both in our own company and with business partners (invoices, correspondence, corporate communications).
    • We pay attention to environmental compatibility in our supply chain.
    • We encourage and support the charitable efforts of our colleagues.
    • We continue and expand our sponsoring activities for science, research and education.

    Responsibility in action

    Through its own projects, SerNet enables the trainees to learn independently and with scope to work on their own as well as to grow with challenges. For example, the trainees take on smaller projects such as energy management or the development of environmentally friendly behaviour in the company. To this end, they explored and presented various approaches. Some of these were incorporated into SerNet's day-to-day work.

    Linux.Camp & Girls'Day

    Since 2015 SerNet organizes the Linux.Camp. During the summer holidays, it offers students the opportunity to get a taste of the Linux world. Here, too, our trainees are encouraged to plan and supervise the camp as independently as possible with the appropriate support. This includes the creation of the curriculum, advertising at the schools and the coordination of the participants, the compilation of the required working material, the organisation of the actual camp week and finally the design of the individual learning units.

    Similar tasks are assumed by the trainees for Girls' Day or the German "Future Day". The aim is to give young schoolgirls an understanding of careers in IT and to reduce any reservations they may have. Here, too, the trainees will design the  schedule for the day, for example in April 2018 (link to the German report).

    Chemnitzer Linux-Tage

    The SerNet presence at the Chemnitzer Linux-Tage is also one of the trainee projects. For this purpose, the trainees prepare a small SerNet information stand in cooperation with Marketing and contribute their own presentations to the lecture program, e.g. their final projects (examples: Vanessa Rex about "Auf den Elch gekommen: Logfile-Analyse mit ELK-Server", Nils Harmann with "Rescue Pi: Der mobile PXE-Server für unterwegs"). This will enable them not only to present their specialist knowledge but also to train soft skills that will help them deal with customers in the future.

    SerNet is a member of the following regionally based organisations:

    These associations pursue goals that we support in principle – e.g. the promotion of science and the regional scientific community. Initiatives such as the Wichert Earthquake Observatory enable citizens of the region to gain insights into specific topics. In this way, they introduce scientific topics to society with interest and fun.

    In addition, SerNet regularly supports scholarship holders via the so called Deutschlandstipendium.

    Diversity Management (DiV)

    The diversity of modern society, influenced by globalisation and demographic change, shapes economic life and society in Germany. SerNet faces up to the changes as well as the new demand in the market. We see both as opportunities.

    With our DiV implementation, we want to align personnel and organizational processes with a contemporary working environment that is free of prejudices and barriers. Our measures include:

    • Our annual participation in Girls' Day, with which we want to get more young women interested in IT.
    • Increase the proportion of female colleagues to male colleagues.
    • To value and promote personalities in their differences with different abilities, potentials and talents, regardless of nationality, origin, religion, sexual orientation or possible limitation.
    • Reflect on our marketing strategy and our leadership model.

    A <3 for SerNet

    We do not seek to attract or keep employees through false promises, set budgets or pressure to perform. We are looking for people whose heart beats for SerNet in order to grow together and advance our goals. We do not insist on a perfect age or a perfect education - we are enthusiastic about IT-savvy people who fit in with us and want to contribute their potential in a trustworthy and responsible team. If our message and motivation are the same, we will always find opportunities to tackle new tasks or challenges together. Despite constant organisational changes, our goal always remains the same: to believe in our colleagues and to invest in them!

    The mental and physical health of our employees is important to us. We provide an appropriately designed working environment, which includes individual, ergonomic and healthy workplace equipment.

    SerNet regularly organizes health days in cooperation with various health insurance companies. The topics are selected according to the wishes and current needs of the colleagues, e.g.

    • balanced nutrition
    • back health
    • exercise and movement
    • stress prevention and management
    • work-life balance for women, especially working mothers

    Besides, we're offering:

    • swimming tickets for the Eiswiese in Göttingen and the Berliner Bäder-Betriebe
    • subsidy for lunch in an organic cafeteria

    At the initiative of our colleagues, we participate in various regional sports events. Above all, the annual Göttingen Old Town Run is a fixed point in the calendar. Several SerNet teams regularly take part.


    We consider working at SerNet as something special. For us it is part of our social responsibility to create a positive working atmosphere and to give impulses that take up social changes that we can push forward together.

    Motivated teams with responsibility
    At SerNet, we prefer flat hierarchies. We face daily challenges in our teams through trusting, open communication and strive for a pleasant, collegial and respectful working atmosphere. Our colleagues value and care for each other:

    • independent work
    • feedback culture
    • constructive conflict solutions
    • clear roles
    • good organisation
    • joint responsibility
    • creativity/exploring ideas
    • the possibility to learn with and from each other (knowledge transfer)
    • the use of individual competences

    Family friendliness & work-life balance
    SerNet wants to create a pleasant working environment. This includes the compatibility of family and career. Flexible working hours are crucial: they ensure a healthy balance between work and individual leisure time and underline mutual trust.

    Further building blocks of our family-friendly corporate policy are:

    • possibility for "Home Office" (as required)
    • flexible parental leave – for both women and men
    • the best possible integration after returning to work – both for women and for men
    • trust-based working time
    • subsidy for day-care centre and kindergarten fees

    Personnel and personal development
    All colleagues have the opportunity to find their individual profile with us. This is why SerNet is very committed to the further development of core competencies. Through individual personnel development measures, we not only increase motivation, but also constantly question our products and services while taking social and ecological standards into account. We offer:

    • internal workshops
    • flexible working scope with regard to content
    • external training in conflict and time management
    • visits to fairs and conferences of one's own choice
    • participation in working groups e.g. Bitkom
    • freely selectable working groups (topic-specific).

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