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Two of our prime USPs are SAMBA and verinice, accompanied by our know-kow in the fields of Linux and IT security. SerNet has always been an old economy style company that was not financed by venture capital and intends to stay that way. High-quality products and services that are reasonably priced, excellently trained and highly motivated staff and a unique positioning in the market will remain our strategy for healthy and independent growth.

 Reinhild Jung

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is a core issue of SerNet. Software from various producers needs to interlock in an optimal way to achieve the best benefits for users. SerNet has been working towards achieving this goal since 1996.

Infrastructures such as firewalls and VPNs set up by SerNet always conform at least to the standards of BSI basic protection requirements.

SerNet offers its customers security according to BSI basic protection requirements and ISO 270001. The company provides external data protection officers and certified IT environments with company-own BSI-certified auditors. 


is the leading no-cost alternative to Microsoft's Windows servers. SerNet's aim is to ensure that SAMBA can be used in as many applications as possible and develops this software on the commission of customers and on its own impetus - in close collaboration with the SAMBA team, many members of whom either work with or at SerNet.

Volker Lendecke joined the international SAMBA core team in 1993 as the first German member and is co-founder of SerNet.


is the only open source ISMS that licenses the basic IT protection catalogues of BSI and runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

SerNet offers the software for clients and servers, documentation, training and support, development and complete deployments from one source.

Openness & security

are not contradictory terms, but rather two sides of the same coin. Secure software does not have to hide itself. Open interfaces are the basis for unhampered access to all software properties.
SerNet uses open source software wherever possible, but also deploys proprietary software from other producers where necessary.


is made possible by seizing opportunities. In 2000, one of theses opportunities was the formation of emlix GmbH from a SerNet automation project. In 2001 this was followed by the spin-off of vokativ GmbH in the areas of media technology and events organisation. As a result of a partnership agreement with Deutsche Telekom AG, SerNet Communication GmbH was founded in 2003, followed by the launch of the Berlin subsidiary in 2005. Mid-2008 winwerk GmbH was founded. winwerk is a service provider for MS Exchange, Active Directory and Windows infrastructures.

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