VPN solutions with SerNet

SerNet offers all current VPN technologies for networking locations as well as connecting external standalone workplaces to an intranet. Of course, we offer bandwidth management and monitoring.

SerNet supports all current VPN technologies: IPSec, SSL-VPN, OpenVPN and authentication with RSA tokens, PIN-TAN processes etc. We use open source solutions as well as Cisco or Check Point products.

Say good-bye to leased lines

The era of "end-to-end" leased lines has come to an end - not just due to costs but also because of data protection: Deutsche Telekom is no longer a federal postal company but a carrier like many others. This means that for classic leased lines the encryption mandate applies too, in most cases according to Section11 BDSG, according to which the data processing customer remains fully responsible for data protection.

Costs of VPN

Only in very rare cases is it worthwhile to lease a line where costs are calculated in relation to the distance, e.g. in the EtherConnect area where very high bandwidths with very high availability must be available. In almost all other cases, data connections with strong encryption via Internet are the most cost-effective solution. Internet connections can be designed with multiple redundancy, and encryption infrastructure can be maintained at reasonable costs.

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