Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat is the worldwide market leader for Enterprise Linux and has been cooperating with SerNet for many years.

SerNet integrates Red Hat Enterprise Linux into its own products and supports other system integrators such as IBM whose Scale Out File Services (SOFS) product also contains the open source building blocks RHEL and SAMBA together with many other components. SerNet is an Advanced Business Partner and supports Enterprise Samba as an official ISV for RHEL (versions 3, 4 and 5).


Several SerNet employees are certified as

  • "Red Hat Certified Technician" RHCT
  • "Red Hat Certified Engineer" RHCE
  • "Red Hat Certified Architect" RHCA

which is the highest possible technician certification with Red Hat. Thus SerNet can handle each customer request about Red Hat Enterprise Linux with its own employees and direct access to the producer.

As a reseller, SerNet offers all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for companies and public institutions with and without support agreement.

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