SerNet integrates anti-virus software on proxy servers for the following transfer protocols: SMTP (e-mail) and HTTP (Web research). SerNet always selects the best solution available on the market and offers this as part of firewall solutions or as merchandise.

Software by Avira:

Even in times of endpoint security there is no end of perimeter security. SerNet configures proxy servers with Avira SAVAPI, a virus filter for mail (SMTP) and web (HTTP).

SerNet's customers stay secure on the perimeter of their networks. Viruses and malware are detected and disposed while passing the firewall and before entering the local network of the customer.

Software from other producers:

SerNet has also evaluated solutions from other producers but can currently only recommend the Avira solution, since other solutions have important exclusion criteria:

TrendMicro InterScan Virus Wall
Windows is specified as the platform. Enterprise Linux by Red Hat (RHEL) and Novell (SLES) are supported, but not Debian Linux.

F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper
According to the website only Windows is supported but the software also runs under Linux. However, since October 2008 SerNet no longer sells this software due to storage leaks and many programming errors.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Proxy Server
This product supports Linux as the operating platform but shows weaknesses in the field, e.g. when downloads started by the user cannot be cancelled.

On request, SerNet gladly tests other products for their suitability in daily use. To purchase an anti-virus solution you can contact us at any time via the form opposite.

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