COVID19 - Status at SerNet

In this news article, we inform our customers and partners continuously about the developments at SerNet regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • At present, there is no case of COVID-19 infection at SerNet and nobody is in domestic quarantine.
  • All SerNet colleagues with children, all those over 50 years of age and those with health pre-conditions are now working in the home office and can still be reached by email and telephone as before.
  • All other colleagues are also in the HomeOffice, with the exception of a minimum crew present in our offices in Göttingen and Berlin.
  • On-site visits to our customers are reduced to the minimum necessary.
  • If possible, we do not postpone any projects, as this crisis will, according to the current state of knowledge, extend well beyond four weeks. Delays will be discussed with our customers and negative effects will be reduced as much as possible.
  • The capacities of our telephone switchboard will be expanded. Our customers could notice bottlenecks at the beginning of the week at most due to the switch to home office, but these will be quickly eliminated. Please send us mails to the known addresses or if there are problems with the telephone availability.
  • The number and capacity of VPN channels for our customers will be significantly increased to avoid bottlenecks. All customers can simultaneously use all VPN channels managed by SerNet to access their own networks with sufficient bandwidth.